Things to do in Bird Island

Amazing Things to do in Bird Island

We have many things to do in Bird Island, a 0.70 km2 coral island in Seychelles. The island famed for its birdlife.

Some of the things to do in Bird Island include watching the fairy terns, noddies, green turtles, hawksbill, and sooty terns.

Things to do in Bird Island

Bird Island is a private resort that has 26 bungalows, a landing strip Bird Island Airport, and a weather station.

The airport connects Bird Island with Victoria, the capital city. The island is at the northernmost island. The distance to Seychelles International Airport is 30 minutes.

Things to do in Bird Island

Things to do in Bird Island Lodge

The Bird Island Lodge is a conservation project that supports eco-tourism in the country. The lodge offers a fusion of relaxation, simplicity, and hospitality in its environment.

 This is the only place to stay if you are inside the island. It has Seychellois staff that is trained to make visitors feel at home.

 Chalets are to be booked if Bird Island is to be toured. There are no televisions in the chalets to ensure that the natural sights and sounds are not detracted.

 An air conditioner is not available; however, the ceiling fans and natural ventilation take care of the environment to be cool.

The rooms have no telephone but at the reception. It is only beaches that are here with no provision for swimming pools.

 The lodge has a lounge, bar, restaurant, and reception area that is close to the airstrips, which brings visitors to the islands every day.

 Comfort is assured here with the separate toilet; king-sized bed, lounger corner, large shower room, a spacious patio that overlooks the sea and garden.

Carrefour des Arts

The Carrefour des Arts feature some of the finest craftwork and local art that is based solely on the tradition of the people.

 It hosts an array of exhibitions and is managed by the National Arts Council of Seychelles.

The Cousin Island Special Reserve is the home of the Hawksbill turtles, where the largest number of lizards can be found per hectare on earth.

There are endemic birds here. It is managed by a non-profit organization called the Nature Seychelles and BirdLife.

Things to do in Bird Island include visiting the Domaine de Val des Près or the Craft Village, which has five major attractions.

You can visit the arts and crafts, Creole architecture, gastronomy, the Gran Kaz’ Plantation House, ‘La Kaz Rosa’, craft workshops, and a house built on coconut products called the ‘Maison de Coco.

Things to do in Bird Island

Things to do in Bird Island Bank

Bird watchers would love this place that has become one of the places that migratory birds first land in the country.

There are thousands of birds to be sighted especially during the migratory months (October to December).

Take the Nature Tour

One of the places that you can have a lovely nature tour is on Bird Island.

There are numerous tours that visitors can be involved some of the tours including watching the giant tortoise, watching the whale shark, and watching birds which is the popular thing to do on Bird Island.

There is no natural and cultural resource in Bird Island. The few Seychellois staffs follow the system of Seychelles.

The cuisine of the people includes staple meals, shellfish dishes, seafood, and fish that are cooked in different ways.  

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bird Island is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That does not stop you from enjoying the island. You have many things to do in Bird Island.

 However, Aldabra and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, which are nearby are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Aldabra is the second largest place with coral atoll on earth.

 The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is located in Praslin and has the largest plant seeds in the world.

Things to do in Bird Island

Relaxation in Bird Island

Bird Island has no spa facility or garden. It is purely for birds’ conservation. It is only the Bird Island Lodge that is used for rest.

However, for those who may want to see great gardens in Mahe, they can visit gardens like Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden, and La Misere Exotic Garden Centre.

Other things to do in Bird Island include visiting Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, and the Victoria Botanical Gardens (Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens).


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