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Travel to Zurich

“Everything is all set!” I thought to myself as I think of the plans I made for my wedding proposal for my girlfriend of 7 years – Sarah Evans. And I’m planning of doing it in one of the world’s most romantic places, and no, unfortunately it’s not in Paris but it’s in Zurich, Switzerland. I even called my long time former co-worker of mine who happens to be a Swiss National, Nathaniel, to help me out in hiring the people who will help me in making my wedding proposal to become successful. And on the day of our flight (me and Sarah) as usual, she’s late again for our meeting time at the Detroit Airport where she came in whining about the cab driver who doesn’t know how to evade traffic on the 32nd street (which happens to be her 4th time in using the said alibi). So I just acknowledge her and we went straight directly to the check in counter to check in our luggage and headed to the boarding gate where Air Canada is awaiting for us.

After a 15 hour flight (which by the way, it was a spectacular flight minus Air Canada ran out of Margarita and made me no choice but to have tequila giving me a horrible headache after 5 shots of it) we arrived in Zurich International Airport. And my soon to be other half has grown enormously curious and never stopped asking me why we’re in Zurich (because every year we go out of the country to have our vacation.)

Travel to Zurich

Although, I kept on reassuring her that there’s nothing special with our trip to Zurich and that we haven’t travel that much in Europe, I just thought of going here with the love of my life. Upon our arrival in our hotel in Sorell Aparthotel Rigiblick, which happens to be a 4 miles of drive from the Zurich International Airport and is around 12:15 when we arrived, Sarah and I were so exhausted that we both failed to have supper and that we just headed to bed.

In the morning, Sarah woke me up and started talking German. I was surprised to know that she can speak German, but eventually I figured out that she just Google them (very clever!) I then invited her to have breakfast in a nearby restaurant but she told me to just have the breakfast in the hotel as she arranged something for us that afternoon. And eventually I’m the one who became cranky about that “arranged surprise” as I was supposed to be the one giving her my surprise – my proposal to her.

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Sarah became anxious with me as she didn’t know whether or not I will enjoy the arranged surprise. And I was caught off guard to know that the “arranged surprise” was actually a trip to one of the very famous and historical Fraumünster Abbey. If I had known that that was the arranged surprise she intended to, I could’ve proposed to her right at that very moment. But then, I thought that’s going to ruin the whole plan Nathaniel and I had set up. So I just thought of going with the flow.

Travel to Zurich

Upon entering the church, Sarah and I were both awed by the serenity of the church. The paintings on the wall, the stone statues, and the painted glasses of the window… everything is spectacular. The people inside the church were not too much and I thought to myself, “now is the right time!” But I just really need to get a hold of myself for the ‘perfect time!’ As we reached the altar, I thought of joking her. I kneeled in front of her and pretended that I’m getting something in my pocket. Then she murmured, “Oh my God! Don’t tell me honey you’re proposing here?” Then I just told her that I just dropped something. And good thing my reenactment was perfectly on time when I have dropped a penny and immediately stepped on it. So I replied to her, “Unfortunately that won’t happen today.”

And Sarah felt the easiness of my joke as she told me she’s wearing her very expensive mascara (oh! one of her so many girl thing!) with her and that she’s not prepared to sob. We then toured the entire church and were really amazed that we took lots of photos to the point that I almost ran out of memory on my camera. As it was a perfect ‘arranged surprise’ I then invited Sarah for a couple of walk to see more of Zurich. We passed by Bahnhofstrasse, where Sarah couldn’t get a hold of herself from Shopping where thankfully I managed to stop her from doing so. And as we walk around looking for the City Center, we ended up with the University of Zurich.

Travel to Zurich

Before heading back to the hotel, we dropped by at this very cozy restaurant called ‘Lasalle’ to have dinner. The ambiance was perfect! The menus are all delectable and it was a perfect time for me to make my plans take in effect – I told Sarah that I started not to feel well and that I blamed on the horrible heat during our entire day of walking under the sun. So after having dinner we immediately left for the hotel to have a rest.

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Everything went smoothly that I consistently reenacted that I’m not feeling well and that I might see a doctor in the morning. But Sarah insisted that we go to the University Hospital Zurich to see a doctor as she’s growing very anxious about my ‘condition.’ But good thing the wine has finally get her and that I told her that she needed to rest as she is exhausted from our walking and she had a lot of wine (which I intentionally did so she’d passed out and I can make my proposal plan take effect and become successful!) and that we’ll just go together in the morning.

Sarah was awakened by a non stopping buzz in our hotel room. And as she’s about to open the door, she glanced at the note I left on the table where it says: “Good morning, Honey. I left for the hospital early and I didn’t want to wake you up. I will be back early. Will call you! I love you so much! – Harry”. And as she opens the door, the hotel man told Sarah that there was a message for her that she needed to go to the Hospital to meet me and that a cab was already arranged for her. Sarah acknowledged and rushed through our bedroom for her to change. Then with less than 10 minutes she left the hotel already.

Since Sarah is not familiar with the place, I intentionally told the driver to pretend that she’s bringing her to the hospital. But the truth of the matter is that she is driven to the Zurich National Museum where the proposal is about to take place. And as soon as Sarah arrived at the drop off of the Museum, she was a bit startled that she was driven to the wrong place. However the cab driver ran off right at the very moment Sarah stepped out of the cab.

There are so many people in the Museum. Lots of nurses, police officer, FBI & CIA personnel comes in and out of the Museum. Sarah asked everyone in the museum how to go to the University Hospital of Zurich. Then Nathaniel, who then pretended to be a doctor, was on his position already as he passed by her and mentioned that he can drop Sarah off to the hospital as he overheard Sarah being lost. However the doctor just needed to attend to an emergency on the second floor of the museum.

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Nathaniel invited Sarah on the second floor where the incident happened so that she wouldn’t miss out on my friend. And she was shocked to see a man all covered up with white cloth where the upper part of it is covered with blood. The left hand of the man showing off his watch made Sarah stared at them very blankly. It was only when Sarah realized that the watch is mine! And that the hands look familiar. And as soon as the doctor murmured “Harry Leiland,” Sarah wasn’t able to move a bit and that she didn’t know what to do.

“That’s my boyfriend! OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? HARRY!!!” Sarah exclaimed as she remove the white cloth covering my face. And after seeing my face Sarah hugged me into her lap and she started crying. Nathaniel explained to Sarah that they got a call from 911 that a shoot out took place about 48 minutes ago and that the person shot was not a Swiss National.

“Please tell me this isn’t real” Sarah pleaded. “WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET MARRIED!!!” Sarah screamed at the very top of her lungs. “REALLY? You want to get married with me?” I asked her while on Sarah’s lap. Sarah didn’t know what to do or how to react as she thought I was shot and there I was, asking her if she wants to get married with me? For the obvious answer, Sarah did said ‘I do’ but after the reenactment incident, she almost WWF me in our hotel. Sarah and is now 2 and a half years married and already have our first new born adorable baby boy – Zurich!

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