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Have you seen some of the largest caves in the world? The Hang En which is situated in Vietnam has become the third largest cave in the world It is a world of its own with its stalactites, sea and sun and even have this turquoise water with a golden beach. This is why it is an imposing tourist attraction that is very big. You will see a lot of visitors relaxing and looking around in the beach.

Hang En

People coming here have one thing at the back of their minds, to explore the place and have fun. It looks as if pirates have hidden a lot of treasures around here. The cave is over 430ft high, and 495ft wide. The beauty is something that you may not be able to describe fully except you see it first-hand. Now, you are not going to see where the fun begins, for you to gain access to this cave, you just have to walk through some water that is very cold. You will endure that before you can get to the cave and that is where you will start seeing why this place is so magical.

Hang En

You need a light we must tell you. You will have a lot of stories to tell when you are here because it is going to be fun all through. The climate here is extraordinary because it will look as if you are staying inside a jungle. You will be marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature and have a feel of cold breeze hit you on the face.

Vietnam has a lot of things for tourists and when you come here, you would realize that you have never had it this good during your vacation before. You will walk the ten kilometer right through the jungle, climb the hill and down and then do more trekking to be here. Did we tell you that you are going to cross a lot of rivers with their level up to five feet and maybe, you are going to fight off dozens of leeches. That is the fun and it is worth the experience because you are already Indiana Jones who is trying to discover Vietnam.

Hang En

When you arrive here, it is as if you have conquered the world. Of course, you conquered the world and even took dare in reaching this place. If you have your camera, it is time to celebrate and take beautiful pictures. For those who are thrill seekers, this is where they should be and it is fun. The locals are friendly and can even provide you a tour guide if you want. When you are in the group, the fun is thrilling and a lot of people who are here the first time will always tell you stories of why they will want to come back to this place. The scenario is magnificent and there are a lot of things that you can do here if you really want to move around the cave area.

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