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The Disney’s Cinderella has been a big hit in the big screen. The magic could be felt as if it was real especially with those spectacular destinations that seem as if they were from a book. Amazingly, these destinations are not going to end in the big screen because these destinations are a treasure trove of fairy-tale locations around the world which are waiting to be discovered.

A lot of holidaymakers are ready to explore these places, visit the Disney’s castles, explore the glittering glow worm cave in New Zealand or even have the opportunity of getting inside the world of magic with the locations that inspired the Harry Potter movies.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

It all began in the 19th century when this castle was built in southern Germany and it looks like this structure came straight from a magical movie; little wonder, it was Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle inspiration.

The Neuschwanstein Castle towers situated on a rugged hill that is above the village of Hohenschwangau in south-west Bavaria, it was once used as Ludwig II of Bavaria’s retreat and when he died, a lot of people had come to see what it looks like.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

This ethereal Bled Lake came to life when there was a shift at the Bohinj Glacier. It is breathtaking with its length at 7000ft and up to 4,500ft wide. The shinning lake is surrounded by stunning backgrounds and features a small quaint island. People travel by boat to the lake and some get married inside the 170-ft high church there.

It is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the stone Baroque stairway, before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church.

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel

There are a lot of monuments in Paris, however the Mont Saint-Michel has become one of the most beautiful and visited places in the country. It is a UNESCo World Heritage Site and separate from the land during high tides.

The Magic Mountain Lodge in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest is a man-made structure with a waterfall

The Magic Mountain Lodge in the Patagonian Rainforest

Magic Mountain Lodge

You may think that this is another book that is coming alove, the Magic Mountain Lodge that is in the Andes has this enchanting waterfall cascading down its side. There are a lot of things that you can see here including the world’s smallest deer in the area, which are only 13in tall.

Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Dunnottar Castle

In Scotland lies the Dunnottar Castle that is beautiful and has a colorful history. It was the garrison that once held out against Cromwell’s army for about eight months. This is a place for be and there are many magical ideas that you may get while you are here. William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots and the Marquis of Montrose, have all stayed in this castle, which, despite now being ruins, but still provides a magical experience.

You can make a visit to any of the magical world and have an exciting moment with your partner, self and even family members.

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