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Dubai has become a tourist haven with its epic vulgarity and unashamed luxury. It has some of the finest hotels in the world and you may be stunned to see how beautiful some of the hotels like the self-proclaimed seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel has become.  Think of a hotel bling and Burj Al Arab would never disappoint you.

Imagine  gold ipads in the room you would make use, an army of butlers and 17 different types of pillow all spread out for you.  The gilded interior is tacky and ostentatious.  Celebrities and heads of states have used this hotel and every year, hundreds of people come here to rest. It is the tallest all suite hotel in the world and even argued to be the world’s most luxurious hotel.

burj akl arab jumeriah hotel

This is one of the hotels that attract thousands of visitors to Dubai yearly. Thinking of a luxury hotel for your next vacation, do not think more because we have gotten this hotel for you. Everything here was created to form comfort and luxury to the guest. Nothing seems to be a disadvantage here except if you are thinking of the money to pay.

The Features

burj akl arab jumeriah hotel deluxe suite

The  1500 staffs are hand -picked which include  200 chefs and a 70-strong arrivals team who take care of the 202 luxuriously appointed suites with a separate butler.  The building is a 56 stories high which is called the Tower of the Arabs.  It has the world’s tallest atrium at 590ft (180m).

The Suites

burj akl arab jumeriah hotel  royal suite

It took five years to build. There are 14 phones in each suite that is used.  This suites may not come that cheap with its private butler and two floors not forgetting the phones. The 24-carat gold iPad  that is available in each room  makes it a home for a royal. There are 17 types of pillow, Egyptian sheets and bedding and a customized super kingsize bed.

There are two televisions in widescreen interactive HD TV — a Bose iPod/iPhone docking station and a remote control to operate the curtains, music and lights.

A visit to the bathroom leaves the guest moping with its  whirlpool bath, rain shower and gold-plated fixtures and fittings.

The services

burj akl arab jumeriah hotel

It is one hotel that welcomes every leader in the world. The cost is mind-blowing and commands respect. There are  marble floors, mahogany furniture, a marble and gold staircase, a dining area for 12.


There are eight restaurants which means that guests are served food from different continents. This is where you can  the world’s finest ingredients . the Jusui — Japanese for ‘pure’ — bar, there are great interior designs like the 29,000 Swarovski crystals in the ceilings  that are designed in the shape of the Milky Way.

burj akl arab jumeriah hotel bathroom

What else are you looking for in a hotel? Burj Al Arab has become the home close to home. You are offered some of the best services. You can confess that the interior is simply one of its kinds. A night in a hotel like this would always bring Dubai to your mind.

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