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Travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an awesome experience


This has to be the most unforgettable stay in the capital of Scotland, also called as the First City of Literature according to UNESCO. What does it mean? There are many things to unveil in this trip… the history and culture of the City. My first interesting experience is how to get around the City. This is a compact City which you may tour around by walking or get convenience from buses or taxis moving around the City. As for me, I took the bus ride first to cover all my destinations in a day and aided in learning more of its interesting features.

On Waverly Bridge, terminal of Edinburgh Bus Tour is found near the Scott Monument. Taking the bus has been a great idea wherein all-day ticket can be utilized for the day tour around the City with trip ranges at about £30. I had to have a good grip of my trip ticket as I got on and off buses at several destinations. Taking care of my things made my trip hassle-free. It was my priority as well that my trip would never be ruined due to any issues or problem that may arise out of lapse in judgment.

Travel to Edinburgh

Scott Monument

The Scott Monument is 200 feet tall with exactly 287 steps. This was truly a breath taking stop, a sandstone tower dominating Princess Street skyline and completed in the year 1846. Built to pay tribute to Sir Walter Scott, an author and coined by Bill Bryson as “gothic rocket ship” which I truly confirmed that it fits the description if you look at it closely. I have burned my breakfast calories with the climb I took. On its top view is a magnificent experience. I told myself that the climb was worth the effort. After then, off I went to my trip around the historic City.

Scottish Parliament

Holy rood is an area in Edinburgh which is known as the home to Scottish parliament, the seat of political power in Scotland. I was lucky then, for being able to watch a parliamentary proceeding in the chamber from the public gallery. The stop has been an experience to see marvellous parliament building.

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St. Gile’s Cathedral

On the High Street commemorating around 200 brave spirited Scots, is a crown inspired cathedral. There is the chance also to see the Thistle Chapel for the Order of the thistle.

Travel to Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland

Eager to explore the Scottish history, I visited the National Museum of Scotland. There represented the Scottish primeval to modern age. At its roof garden, I witnessed the full view of Edinburgh which was all again worth the fees incurred in getting there. The collection of nation’s culture, history and people were all there to understand the beginnings and advancement of Scotland.

Greyfriars Bobby

An active oral history in Edinburg is a Skye Terrier called Greyfriars Bobby who was made famous for 14 years of faithfully guarding over his owner’s grave near Greyfriars Kirkyard. Its little stature was just across the road from National Museum that I got the chance to take pictures before moving on to my next stop.

Edinburgh Castle

This landmark is placed on top of a volcanic outcrop towering over the City. Most people gather at this very renowned landmark of the City during morning or early afternoon. But as I wanted to enjoy a quiet moment and greater chance to look out over the entire City so I preferred a late afternoon visit to the Edinburgh Castle.

Travel to Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat

There is no other panoramic view of the entire City that can be seen as beautiful when you are on Arthur’s Seat. On the next early morning, I had to prepare myself to climb an extinct volcano with a tall of 251m located at the centre of Edinburgh. Making sure that I had enough warmth my body needed, the probable quickest way is a taxi ride to Dunsapie Loch, and had 30mins climb to witness a sun rise in Edinburgh while on top of Arthur’s Seat. The view marked through my memories, it was the most spectacular morning I ever had with nature.

Princess Street Gardens

After the climb, it was more fulfilling to enjoy the wonders of summer time when wonderful floral displays are relaxing view while walking along Prince Street Gardens. This is a public park that separates the Old and New Town sheltered by the shadow of the Castle on the southern side.

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Scottish National Gallery

My foot never ceased from moving to take the chance of looking around the wonders of Scotland including art gallery of Scotland. In the National Gallery of Scotland are two magnificent designs of neo-classic designs of William Henry Playfair. The wonderful crafts made by Da Vinci, Titian, Vermeer, and Raphael were there too. Pre-eminent artist crafts such as those of Degas, Turner, Monet and Cezanne graced the gallery as well. Galleries – Dean Gallery, Modern Art Gallery found at West End. At Queen Street is the National Portrait Gallery.

Edinburgh’s Places for Relaxation

My stay in Edinburgh introduced me to relaxing places such as….


One of the fabulous destinations in Scotland was to witness festival experiences in one of the Edinburgh’s theatres like the Playhouse and the Traverse.

During night time, entertainment included bars. Grassmarket had bars to choose from like Under the Stairs and Bar Missoni. Among these were outstanding hangouts I visited like the stand, bars in George Street and Cab Vol.

Travel to Edinburgh

The Stand

Even during night time, Edinburgh has something to offer to lighten up your mood after a day of strolling. Its iconic comedy club called The Stand and legends of comedy in the City has a lot to offer for a night of chuckle and laughter. All I needed to do was to get ticket and watched the shows.

George Street

Another treat for the night is to enjoy fabulously made cocktails offered in their most stylish bars in this long and wide boulevard. I hopped through Tempus, Le Monde, Tiger lily, Lulu and Opal Lounge among other bars in the UK.

Cabaret Voltaire

This is one of the coolest late night hangouts I’ve ever been. Cab Vol as commonly known consists of two caverns features popular DJs to locale favourites where most people enjoy to party around until wee hours of the night. To complete the trip, I visited three most famously enticing and appealing stores.


Jenners is the oldest independent department store in Edinburgh which I saw located near Scott Monument. This most famous department store called “Harrods of the North” has been located in same place since 1838. This place I visited, exhibited the desire of Scottish for historical preservation. These places made shopping in Scotland as one of the best experiences I ever had in my trip.

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Multrees Walk

I moved from the Jenners to find the home of noted top label Harvey Nichols of Scotland, including Armani, Louis Vuitton and famous Mulberry. Branded and luxurious beauty products, food and wine, clothing with accessories where all found inside five floors Multrees Walk. After a tough day of a climb and walk, it was relaxing to taste cocktails in the place’s bar found at the fourth and top floor.

West End Village

For shopping of more accessories and gift shop, a picturesque West End Village was one of my shopping destinations located at the west end of Princess Street. This place was found in William Street walking distance from the centre of the City.

Edinburgh never ran out of amazing views and wanting to spot my previously visited sites at a time,

North Bridge

made it possible. During the last night of my stay in Edinburgh, Scotland this bridge mesmerized my eyes linking the Old Town and New Town where both can be viewed as they these towns light up at night time. From there, I saw the shopping store Jenners, wonderful built of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument and National Galleries Complex. The last night of my most wonderful trip in Edinburgh was spent in seeing all the wonders of a country where people gave deep importance to their past despite of modernization and advancement.

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