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Ruins of the world includes those mysteries places, which goofy atmosphere gives us chill in our spines, yet we love viewing them, talking about them and definitely rating them in the world of top ruins.

Peru has to offer Machu Pichu

Machu Picchu

Peru has it in its sleeve to present the top ruin in the world; Machu Pichu falls under the series of Inca ruins and is one of the most popular ones. Machu Pichu is basically hanging between two mountains; the Machu Pichu is on and often enshrouded by mist. Urubamba Valley doesn’t allow the viewing of this place. The place is enthralled and the whole lace was built by Incas when there were not even wheels. Machu Pichu was built in 15th Century; the place turned out to be a ruin after the ransacking of the Spanish Conquistadors in 1530s.

Babylon in Iraq


Iraq has to offer the most beautiful antique ruin of all times. Babylon or precisely the Gate of Gods is very well known for its beautiful Hanging garden, which is now one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Babylon was once a very flourishing civilization and ruled over fifteen centuries. In ancient times, the city walls were given admiration and astonishments. The beauty, grace and classiness, of the place, are still an inspiration for the archeologists. The civilization dates back to the arrival of the Amorites in 1850 B.C down to Alexander the Great, who died there in 322 B.C. Hammurabi is a well known ruler of the ancient time.

Mexico has to offer Palenque


The ruins of Palenque are one of the well known Mayan archeological sites. This ruin is situated in the midst of Central America and Mexico. Palenque withdraws in the foothills of the Tumbala Mountains and is well known for its presence in the dense area of Tropical forests. The area goes back to 100 B.C and their buildings are constructed between 6th to 10th centuries. The greatest ruler of this state was Pacal and he took power in 603 A.D. The rule excavation lies in reading and understanding the mystery of this ruin.

Thailand has to offer ruins of Ayutthaya


The name lies with the meaning of undefeatable in Sanskrit. It is not a lively popular place in comparison other spots of importance. Ruins of Ayutthaya have always earned the attraction of the people. Loads of tourists visit this place out of complete curiosity and the knowledge of viewing a top ranked ruin of the world. This kingdom once had the capital power more than the Europe; this well known as well as prosperous kingdom was much coveted by the neighboring Burma.

Italy has to offer Colosseum


Italy has to devote its Colosseum to the Roman architecture who brought up the view point for 50,000 viewers. This amphitheatre was once a popular place for holding various gladiatorial shows. This is originally known as the Flavian amphitheatre. During the roman times thousands of shows, contests and fights were organized in this amphitheatre.

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