The Mystery Ancient Spectacular Siberian Island

Por-Bajin is a mysterious place to in the Siberian island. The first thing you may think of this place that is rectangular in shape is that it may be a prison or even fortress with its ruined sections and regular structure. The truth is that no one has been able to tell what this rectangular island including its labyrinthine ruins that is situated in a lake in the deepest part of Siberia was used for. It dates back to 1,300 years ago and still hovers with mystery that has not been solved even with the modern technology.

por bajin

Scientists and historians are already divided over what this place might have been, there are some people who strongly believed that the isolated area might have designed to attract a lot of people instead of getting imprisoned. It might have been an astronomical observatory, a monastery or a summer place.

In the center of a secluded lake that is high in the Southern Siberian mountains is where Por- Bajin can be found. The plot has thickened at the way that this fortress was built and the materials that were used to construct it. It looks as if it was the Chinese architectural tradition that was used.

por bajin

The name Por-Bajin means ‘clay house’ in the Tuvan language. This island sits comfortably between the Altai and Sayan ranges that is about 3,800km from Moscow near the Mongolian border. It was in 1891 that this place was found and century has gone and the explanation to what this place was used for has not been answered.

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In the year, 2007, there was a more in-depth research where archaeologists had discovered clay tablets of human feet, faded coloured drawings on the plaster of the walls, giant gates and fragments of burnt wood. There is this theory that Por-Bajin was designed in the era of the Uighur Khaganate (744-840 AD) but it is not clear what their motive would be for constructing a fortress for in such a solitary place – as it is far from big settlements and trade routes.

por bajin

Even though it was said to be built around 1,300 years ago, so many of its walls are well preserved and there was also the lack of heating systems on the island, despite it enduring harsh Siberian weather and being located 7,545 feet above sea level. This means that this must have been a great place with a mystery function that the modern man has not been able to discover.

This can be one good place to visit and see what lies here. It is not going to be like those amazing places you visit like the Eiffel towers or the London Bridges. The feeling here is quite different and there are a lot of things that you can learn about this place. You just have strangeness on what must have happened here and what must have led to its end. If you love history then this is must to be, even some prominent leaders have visited this place to show how significant that it has become.

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