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Tokyo is the place I love most in the world.After spending 10 days here I felt it is my favourite place. Before visiting Tokyo, I could certainly not live too long or also far-off from the electric and concrete jungle. Tokyo is the well organized and the most civilized jungle; I am scared I will avoid for a long time from this. I can reach Tokyo by train or subway, and although vast and a little frightening at the beginning, you can reach any place in the townor city in little time.

I love Tokyo not only for the reason that it represents top most civilizations, orders, law and fashion, but also I have only visited this place from all other places; In all upright ways, it stands out most. I will share my personal experience with you which places i visited.

Travel to Tokyo

The Centre of chic and zero point of Japanese custom or fashionis the Shibuya; and it captivated me very much; I wish that I should be a girl of Shibuya in a corresponding world or somewhat. The style of these girls to dress up, all that ruffles, lace, colourful ribbons, and socks, to make their eyes bigger by usage of the contact lenses, to make the most casual stylish wear I have all the time seen.

I think about the good time at Shibuya 109 which I spent in the chic boutiques shopping. I have returned but my heart is still there, and I want to retrace my steps. The Shibuya passage has become famous due to the movie named ‘Lost in Translation’. It is an eventful place throughout the universe and the essence of structured chaos. It is just exterior to Shibuya Station and a few minutes away from shopping centre Shibuya 109 served by Yama note Line.The traffic coloured lights turn red in entire directions at similar time and intended for the further few minutes, persons attack the crossing similar to beans that are spilling out from a tin. I observed the sight of people and light on the crossings’ north side from the Star bucks or I experienced the insanity for myself, the one that in my judgment was far better. I and my husband came for just enjoyment by crossing the road rather a sometime here and not only a particularperiod did we knock into other people or person knocked into us. The definitive civilization example is that everyone coordinated their harmony at haste of the individual in anterior, the act of walking at the harmony, on lanes.

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Travel to Tokyo

Meiji Shrine “Shinto enshrine” situated in the region of Shibuya, in the centre of a stunning jungle with massive tori gates that is directing to the central hall and we can access it on the railway loop named JR Yamanote queue from the station of Harajuka.This place is devoted to the king Meiji as well as his wife’s blessed spirits that’s why it has now become beloved place for ceremony of wedding. We were luckily invited as a witness in a pageant. Headed by two tomb maidens and two tomb priests, the couple were following beneath a red big umbrella.

We were astonished to see the both absences of happiness on their family& friend’s faces and reduced amount of participants. Shinto wedding rituals seemed to be quite unique and very solemn. There were also many worshippers pondering around the tomb’s grounds. Various young girls and ladies were well dresses in beautiful kimonos.MeijiShrine is that place where we can go to envisage Japanese civilizations and Japan the old .Zojoji Temple” Buddhist temple”, is the head for the jodo group in the kanto Section, located subsequent to Tokyo tower, and is surrounded by a jungle. The history of a temple goes back still farther to the end of 14th century, however, at the finish of the 16th century; it was relocated to its current location. During the world war two (WWII), the temple had severely broken and for that reason majority of buildings are restorations, nonetheless, tremendous. Despite large traffic nearby it, the atmosphere of place is serene or peaceful that calls the visiting people to contemplation and meditation-on the temple lands; laidback napping of the cats is evidence of it. There is a graveyard behind the central hall and six shoguns of Tokugawa are buried at this place.The Unborn Children Garden is the most exclusive and distinctive aspect of this shrine. There are rows of lovely stone statues symbolize the unborn children, stand them aborted, miscarried or stillborn.It is charming as well as sad sight where these statues ornamentedby baby clothes with the parents, and little angels are shown like windmills who apparently support the kids with the evolution in the life after death.

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Travel to Tokyo

Tokyo Tower undoubtedly gained its reputation because of its resemblance with Eiffel Tower, and it has haggardnumerous visitors up until now. But my query is, at this time that a new child came into city will it snip the show?In 2012,Skytree (634m) iscompleted, and Tokyo Tower (333m) is the two highest artificial constructions in Japan. The white and orange Tokyo Tower is enfolded in a deep light at night-time while the decoration of Skytree is done in a spectacle of lights each sunset. Time will convey which the tourist’s much-loved is.

Senso-ji is Tokyo’s ancient temple, and also the Thunder Gate (Kaminarimon) is the mark on the city. At Top of a temple is shopping street of a 200m wherever you can purchase anything from appetizers, to trinkets, Hello Kitty toys, and Buddhist rolls. Near to the mainGreat hall are the five storied pagodas and Asakusa Shrine. When we visited, both the shopping street and the temple grounds were very busy. This temple was the first leading temple of Buddhist we departed to in Japan, then I was astonished to perceive that the believers or worshippers evidently be more numerous than the tourists. Far-off from being a city that not once sleeps, at night,Tokyo can catch amazingly silent. For example we walked the roads around 10PM of this metropolitan area, both the sidewalksand the buildings levelling for the sky and appeared to be catching awink.Fine, I’m not speaking about Ikebukuro or Shibuya now, whichever are the meeting residences of the restless and young,however I am speaking about the business and residential regions. There is just an hour amongst evening and the finish of office timesafter Tokyo’s skyscrapers are prettily ignited and are a skull turner. There is an hour between evening and the finish of office timesafter skyscrapers of Tokyo are prettily ignited and a skull Turner. People go to their homes when the night get older, and the high buildings convert into black monsters of the sky. The contrast among the stillness and something so enormous and filled with energy it can altogether come to not once stops to stun me.

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Travel to Tokyo

Stay at cat café and eat sushi were two things which I would never forget because I had gotten there very first time. I admit that I had ever wished for pets because of having my cracked café are located in Ikebukuro on the fifth floor. Cats were more in number than people who were playing with cat toys, were relaxing on comfortable sofas. Japanese comic books which are known as manga books were kept in shelve. The cats had fur with puffed-up balls of entire colours and lengths, all full-grown, some belonging to a certain pedigree. Before entering to cat café we had taken off our shoes and slippers were provided to us. The environment was extremely silent, just good for a sleep, and very lower than any other café sound level-everyone was murmuring. The sites had a tea and juice vending machine and we might capture photos without using flash. You might even purchase food at an extra cost for the cats. Inhistory, it was the first time that cats were cured with such an extra respect.

There are many flights from both US and Europe to Tokyo. Both Alitalia and air Canada are only two companies taking consistent air travel to Japan.You can get good offers if you organize your trip in right time, which will make it more valuable.

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