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Travel to Cayman Islands

Summer is fast approaching, and I could hardly believe it’s been almost a year since I had my very remarkable summer vacation on the island I would never forget. Well, just thinking about last summer—those perfect summer days when my family and I enmeshed us into different set of adventures and summer activities, I still couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I’ve really have to go over the details about this once in a lifetime experience my family and I came across.

Cayman Islands, the name itself is divine. And it promises something really wonderful and breathtaking. And lot more exciting!

I, together with my parents and older brother decided to go to Cayman Islands just for a sole purpose—island tour. It was a plan I never expected to come into realization. And since that day finally came and I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore, I was the first one to finish packing my things up. No, I’m not that very excited, obviously.

Travel to Cayman Islands

And so, bidding goodbye to our American hometown for a while and heading down the plane to finally have a glimpse of the exciting island few moments later, my family and I checked the things we needed… for the nth time. Oh, well, travelers are kind of something like that. Anyway, we checked our U.S. passport, of course. That’s the most important thing we really don’t want to miss. U.S. airports always require passports for all international air travels. And hey—the crazy thing inside me drew my spirits for a while and made me check my passport again and yes, I made it sure it wasn’t expired. Good heavens, even expiry dates should be checked, that’s it.

So we finally reached the very exotic beautiful (and beautiful is not enough to describe it) Cayman Islands. We landed in Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) in George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman. It was then that I knew that Cayman Islands are made up of three different islands (obviously why it’s called ‘Islands’). First is the Grand Cayman—which is of course the largest among the three, and the place where we stayed. And the next ones are Grand Cayman’s ‘little sisters’ called Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

And since we needed a ride toward getting into the hotel where we’ll be staying, we rented a car at one of the Travel to Cayman Islands
rental car agencies in the airport. I think it’s the best way for us. We find it comfortable that way. We stayed at the hotel named Ecstasea. Believe it or not, the place is perfection! I’m just glad my parents chose the place. While on our rooms, I happened to look around and tried to have a glimpse outside our glassed windows. And wow, I’ve never regret to do that. I must admit I, I started to drool over the sight of the place. It was a great overlooking sight of a lifetime, being able to watch the powdery white sand underneath the hotel building. It made my excitement kindled even more.

Our First Island Day

Being new to the place, ang being one of the few island vacationers who happened to have no friends, relatives or co-eds that reside in Cayman Islands, we decided to charge a tourist guide to help us roam around the place in ease.

Thank God our tourist guide was great. She was accommodating and very sociable. It was great to meet her and create a friendly relationship with her at the same time.

So, here goes our first island day. Our first island day was nothing but excitement. We went to our first destination, of course the beach! With the travelling advice from our reliable tour guide, we decided to go to Barker’s National Park. At first we were a bit puzzled by the name because it sounds literally like a park where you can see trees, plants, flowers and people having picnics or something.

But no. Barker’s National Park is a beach resort. When we reached there, we were all totally amazed to see it. The beach exuded with dramatic spirit of nature. But, of course there were few things we didn’t expect, though. There were only few amenities and you can see few BBQ pits and picnic tables. Basically, the place didn’t have much crowd, which of course what my parents we’re looking for. As for me and my brother who are party seekers? Not much. But the place was great nevertheless. What’s exciting about Barker’s was that, we were able to enjoy kite surfing there. Yes. Barker’s is great for kite surfing.

After enjoying the beach for an hour, we decided to eat lunch outside and go to another beach. Literally, that day was all about beach hopping because we transferred from one beach to another.

Travel to Cayman Islands

You might be wondering which beach we went next? The next beach was kind of something. And because we want that ‘something’ to be different this time, we headed to the Honeysuckle Beach Trail Rides which is located in Conch Point Road, West Bay in Grand Cayman. And the only reason we’ve got in going there was not to swim—well, sort of. But we were excited about swimming with the horses.

Yes, I’m not kidding. Swimming with the horses, according to our Tour Guide is a unique experience we would never ever miss in our life. And so, we went there, didn’t miss the chance of a lifetime. Pampered Ponies, the Cayman Islands Horseback riding company was the one who accommodated us and let us ride with the beautiful horses. We really did enjoy the fun and thrill it gave us and to be honest, it’s all worth it.

The last beach we went to end our day was the Cayman Kai. One of the things I noticed was that, Cayman’s beaches are certainly magnificent, those beaches you’ve only got to see in your wildest imaginations. Cayman Kai is known for its crystal blue water and sandy beaches. Their great features include the beautiful lagoon, palm trees and exotic conch. The beach was relaxing and serene, I could live there forever! We ended our day by having dinner there and—no way would the wines be missing.

Our Second Island Day

Our second day was all about adventure.

We always want our tour to be something different the day after. That’s why we came up to spend our second day vacation on a different motion.

Travel to Cayman Islands

Bicycle tours. Absolutely we went for an eco-friendly biking activity, giving credits to Mother Nature as we enjoyed sightseeing the beautiful and stylish architectures and rural roads we passed by in West Bay. We were guided with this, of course.

After the bicycle thrill, another more thrilling experience awaited. Another Sightseeing but this time it’s with helicopter! Helicopter sightseeing for us was, fantastic! My family and I rode the helicopter and experienced the exhilaration of watching the beauty of the Caribbean Sea from several hundred feet above. That was oh so fun!

We then spent our second dinner at a truly remarkable place. With the service of Cayman Islands Helicopters, we we’re taken to Camana Bay for a scrumptious dinner. After all the talks and laughs my family and I shared during dinner, we returned back to our hotel with smile on our faces.

What a day!

Our Third and Last Island Day

I didn’t want our vacation to end. But then—okay. We spend our last night roaming around the city, doing some shopping and purchasing Cayman Islands souvenir items to bring back home.

That summer vacation was so great and truly magnificent. I would never ever forget the place and will always continue to recommend the place to my friends and loved ones.

Looking forward for the day to see Cayman Islands again!

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