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Travel to Guadeloupe (France)It was the last working day of the week, and the rain has been pouring like there’s no tomorrow. I hopped in to the subway soaking. I found myself seating right beside two men talking in French, and I suppose they were French Nationals – I knew that they’re French natives because of my little knowledge about their Language, and their accent and eloquence is absolutely different that it brings music to my ears. Although I did not get to understand their entire conversation which only revolves around the other guy’s travelling adventures to different parts of the globe, the only line that was very clear to me was: “Je vous verrai la semaine prochaine à Bahamas!” which means “I’ll see you next week in Bahamas!”

Travel to Guadeloupe (France)

Ah, yes! The very gorgeous country of Bahamas, another point of interest I’ve been dying to go to. From its stunning beaches, the romantic sunset, and the very lovely Caribbean dish – arroz con pollo (topped with braised beef and a side dish of ensalada de coditos!). That night, as soon as I get off the train and my impulsiveness rushed through my veins, I immediately searched the internet for the best travel agency to book my trip to the Bahamas and have a couple of days escape to this horrible weather of Brooklyn and day dreamed of sunbathing! Not until I was about to fill in my credit card information, a pop up window from my laptop came in with the advertisement of: “If you’re tired of Bahamas, why not try a different Caribbean experience – Guadeloupe?”

For a minute, I was stunned with the pictures shown on the advertisement’s slides. They were all very lovely! It’s like the ones you’ve seen in most of the travel magazines or travel Blogs! And without any hesitation, I clicked on the advertisement and learned about Guadeloupe and unconsciously, I found myself printing my flight itineraries… off to Guadeloupe. I took this trip during summer and as soon as I got off the plane, I was welcomed by a very lovely sunset in the Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport. On my way to the hotel, I was amazed with the breathe taking sceneries – less building structures and of course the very cozy places which makes me want to get off the cab and just walk as I wondered around the city of Pointe-a-Pitre.

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Travel to Guadeloupe (France)

As the cab paves off to the hotel lobby of Hotel Le Soleil Levant, I was welcomed by a couple of (I’m not sure if they’re French Natives) by a guy who greeted me “Bonjour Mr. Cole! Welcome to Guadeloupe! Hope you had a great flight and we’re hoping that you have a wonderful time during your stay in our country and in our hotel!” The hotel is like a simple house, with very creative interiors & designs but the excellent location of the hotel made all the difference! It was almost 5pm, and my room overlooking the gorgeous sunset in the beach removed all the stress of my journey from Brooklyn to Guadeloupe and made me not aware that the usher is already saying something about the fabulous nightlife I shouldn’t miss – and that’s in Gosier. Although, I’m not really in the mood for some alcohol intake, I just nodded and thanked the usher for sharing such as my main purpose of travelling is to RELAX.

So I went to the beach, experienced the warm heat of the sun that touches my skin, rewarding myself a tan and took a couple of pictures of the beach. The sound of the trees dancing through the wind as I watch the sunset is such a one of a kind experience as I don’t get to see that much trees (and beaches, of course) in New York. Dinner time, I had with me the very famous Colombo Dish (rice, chicken, curry) and got the chance to try the country’s local drink called “Ti Punch” (small Punch) which consists of lime, rum and brown sugar). I decided to go to sleep early that day as I planned of Scuba diving the following morning.

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Travel to Guadeloupe (France)

Scuba diving day came and I was amazed with the aquatic resources of Guadeloupe! The corals, the reefs, the different colors & kinds of fishes are such a beauty to the eye which made me think of sneaking in some of them for me to bring back with me in Brooklyn. =) There are other tourists you can see along the surface snorkeling and other tourists in the Glass boat for those who doesn’t want to swim towards the very deep surface of the Caribbean sea. I went back hotel late in the afternoon already, just in time for dinner. I was then offered by the usher of the hotel a massage alongside of the beach shores wherein without a doubt, I agreed to take the treatment.

The following day, after experiencing the waves and the marvelous under water experience of Scuba Diving, I then thought of trekking. I asked the usher if there’s any great place for trekking and on top of his mind, he mentioned a jungle in Basse-Terre where there are spectacular waterfalls that I should and must see as most of the tourist of Guadeloupe never fails to include the said tourist destination to their itineraries. Without hesitation and further brain storming whether I should go or not, I then decided to give it a try since I also need some working after dipping in to the sea floor.

The whole trekking experience took me about 3-4 hours of hiking before I finally reached the waterfalls only to find myself enjoying the waterfalls all by myself – the best experience ever! By lunch time, I had the privilege to tour the city through a free ride, while looking at the panoramic view of the Caribbean! The people in this country has done nothing but to become very nice to me and are always ready to provide assistance making me wonder then if Guadeloupe was really a French Colony. Don’t get me wrong though nor think that I’m a prejudice; I’m just really surprised with their warm and very hospitable nature!

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Travel to Guadeloupe (France)

On my last day of the trip in Guadeloupe, I visited the local rum distilleries offer tours where it also came with wine tasting although, this just made me feel bad about not going to Gosier; to experience the nightlife. Although there are still many places to go to in Guadeloupe, and so many things to experience, it’s time for me to leave the Caribbean and made me realize that it’s only the pictures served as the souvenir for myself as Guadeloupe from my trip. I thought to myself, I will definitely go back to Guadeloupe as there are still things that need to be experienced such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, horseback riding and all other hiking/swimming adventure there is to be offered.

So for those of you who are planning of having a trip to the Caribbean particularly the Bahamas, you guys might want to experience Guadeloupe! I’m pretty sure this place, Guadeloupe, will not just surprise you with what it has to offer, but might just even exceed your expectation when it comes to relaxation, unwinding getaway as the location speaks for itself, plus you get a chance to experience a different world where nature’s finest can be seen and experienced.

So if I were you, I’d change the course of my destination and head off to Guadeloupe, The Lost Paradise!

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