The Haunted Side Of India–ajabgarh-bhangarh

Our environmental conservation club had long planned for a visit to Ajabgarh, Bhangarh regions of Rajasthanand the Lambi Delhi Mines in India. These are among the most haunted sites in India that always find numerous crowds of persons touring them to discover the many frightening legends associated with them. Our visit was indeed remarkable that I had to share our experience with anyone planning to visit the areas. They are certainly great lands of adventure and exploration.

The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

We started at the dazzling and bizarre village of Ajabgarh. The village was a perfect representation of a dusty and abandoned place that made it a little uncanny to walk to. We however followed a winding path that led us directly to numerous peculiar houses that are associated with lots of mysteries. We walked into several of them despite the fear that gripped our hearts tightly. We found imprinted window frames that formed the doorsteps to each house. We were actually left with a task of imagining why the houses had lots of similarities.Since no one was there to answer our questions, we took their photos and remained joyful that our visit had started well.

The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

The magnetic Ajabgarh fort was also within reach. The fort had a lovely old design that made us ponder on why such structures were rare in our country. The surroundings were fabulous and satisfying. We enjoyed relaxing and chatting on the greenly cover of grass and other weird plants. It was one of our best moments. The interiors of the fort were also superb and intact. We mesmerized being there and wished there were guides to help us in understanding more of the castle’s history. Our visit was indeed going perfect.

The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

We then headed to the beautiful Bhangarh city which too was anxious for its residents. The many buildings all looked old and out of use over many years. It was yet another task to wonder why no one inhabited them. The market place was one place where we felt and wished was good for normal businesses as it was vast enough to accommodate many buyers as well as the sellers. Nothing was there to be seen apart from the ruined walls. We then moved to visit one of the temples which was a bit in good shape for a building that had long not been in use. It looked splendid that we wished we had found an activity going on such as weddings which we liked witnessing. Our visit was indeed worth our efforts.

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The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

The Bhangarh fort was yet another site full of things that were only thought as illusory. The fort had a fascinating design which anyone would think was in full usage only to release that no one was likely to be found there. The fort and entire city was believed to have been cursed by a traditionalist upon the construction of a palace. This curse was the reason as to why we found no one to nag on our whole journey. It was however very comfortable being all alone as we wanted a cool time away from the usual noisy life. The history of the fort was truly amazing. We were compactly astounded to learn that any building that was put up in the area would definitely get down without any understandable cause. It was certainly one thing that we wished to witness though very unusual. Creepy noises are also known to come from the fort. We really craved for any of those voices as we would want to testify to others. This was certainly a nice place to relax in and get ourselves thinking of the many tales we had so far heard and learnt.

The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

We then hiked to the hill top to discover the beautiful Chhatri. The hike was incredible and awesome. We cherished our efforts to the area. Within no time we had reached the stunning Chhatri that seemed unaware of the curse dispatched to the city. It looked nice that we walked into its interior to survey the wonders that were likely hidden within it. It was indeed worth of seeing and we ensured we had as many photos of it as we could.

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The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

The mysterious Lambi Dehar mines were next on our adventure list. The mines were indeed eerie with very few and in some parts no locals residing near them. We felt privileged having discovered the mines as we were full of eager to share the tales with all our friends. The first mines were the amazing quarry mines which were spectacular and scenic for adventure. We walked closely to them being carefuland very watchful as we did not know what kind of danger could be awaiting us. The mines were terrifying with their mouths yawning for any reckless persons or automobiles. We felt terribly frightened by theirmassive size. It was however sad when we learnt that a large horde of locals about 50,000 had given up the ghost there in the 1990s. It was truly strange to learn that they all woke up one day and went to their usual work place only to start coughing blood which was associated with unseemly mining. We felt sorry for them and wished we had carried flowers to lay tribute in their honor. We certainly had to take several photos of the entire mines to have their memories in our albums. It was indeed a gorgeous site of exploration. Our visit was going great.

The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

We then headed to the Lambi Dehar town which was desperate for people to settle in it. Each house was devoid of persons which made us feel a bit worried as we did not have an idea on where we would turn for help in case such a need raised. The houses represented a unique and common style of structure. We only wished we had found people to interact with. It was more surprising but interesting to find lots of huge trees strongly elect on each house. It was surely hard to believe that trees would find their way onto the roofs and remain brawny for over 20 years. There were also many other foliage perfectly perched on the sides of the walls and some on the roofs. We found it very interesting and that we took several photos of them. The houses were indeed starling as we had earlier learnt that strange noises could be heard from them only that no one was aware of who would be their source or where they originated from. We actually craved for a moment when the noises would be made but we felt worried to remain there longer as we did not have an idea of what would happen after they were produced. It was however nice being there to witness those wonders. We would definitely want to tour the area again.

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The Haunted side of India--Ajabgarh-Bhangarh

The upsetting mountains were also worth of seeing and touring. They were strange with little to be desired. We found a path that we followed which is believed to be one that is used by a night walking witch. It was as scary as none of us wanted to imagine meeting with him or her. We ensured were all close to each other to enforce on our security. The path led us to the peak of the wonder where we managed to observe the underlying town which was in a total mess. We however took few minutes there as the mountains are also known to scream and I could hardly fathom a mountain producing any sort of sound in my presence. We also learnt that many vehicles using paths in the area lost they way and brought their users to sudden deaths. It was indeed a site that we wanted to spend much time but we were grateful that we had ended our visit devoid of any problems. It was surely an enchanting place to visit which gave us a lot if vigor to tour for a second time. Our visit was with no doubt awesome that we started planning for a second visit to the regions.

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