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I have been traveling alone in south america for a year, staying in hostels.
I voted this option to be the best, that worked good for me, I met a whole lot of interesting people and had a lot of fun.
Traveling with friends in hostels, can be fun too, although you do not gonna meet as many people as travelling by yourself.

Traveling with Hotels is boaring, I used to travel a lot with hotels, since I worked for a company who sent me abroad a lot staying at 5 stars hotel, this is boaring you do not get to know any people, hostels is the best choice, even if you have money to spend on luxurous hotels I would defintley choose hostels.


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  1. Hostels are great if you are travelling on the cheap and want to meet lots of great , like minded people.
    Not so good when you are with your partner and want your alone time,lol.

    (Deleted Admin: NO ADDS !)

  2. I’m suprised that travelling alone staying in hostels is the most popular option. I had the impression that most people didn’t like to travel alone. When I can afford it I like to stay in nice hotels or rent out a little apartment, but I have also had a lot of good experiences travelling with friends and staying in hostels. The bad part of this though, is that hostels can sometimes be run-down and a little dirty. But if you are with friends this usually doesn’t matter so much.

  3. Well the more money you save,
    the longer you can travel.

    And i don’t consider staying in hotels and playing tourist ”traveling”

    When you sleep in hostel, lot more interaction, opportunities, and also traveling cheap allow you to live and feel the locals more.

    I traveled 4-5stars hotels, and im done with that, rather spend times in hostels now.

    If i want a vacation il go in hotels. If i want to travel il go in hostels.

  4. Hello

    Thanks for sharing nice information. I didn’t like to travel alone. I like travel with my family or friends. I appreciate your post.

    Have a nice time ahead

  5. easy answer to this one. staying in hotels, i miss the en suite bathroom and bar too much for any of the other options.

  6. Traveling alone is kind of boring thing. I would always prefer to go with my pals and we usually like to stay in nice and affordable hotels near the tourist places. So that, we can save some time from unwanted traveling.

  7. Thanks for sharing such wonderful views. If you wanted to reach your destination without much hassle, overcrowding,  and etc. The best option you might have is to go by Private business jet charter flights which is now available for you.

  8. Great information buddy,

    i think here nobody interested in travelling alone. Even I am also hate alone travelling. I am always travel with my friends or with my family.

    keep it up dude.

  9. My answer is Travel with Friends Staying in Hostels…

    I think that is much adventurous…

    Being with friends is much fun than being alone…

    You can also explore more fun with them…^_^

  10. Travel by train!!!

    I crossed Canada by train, from Toronto to Vancouver in november 2006 and it was one of the best experiencies of my life!

    I saw beautiful landscapes, animals; crossed the rocky mountains, lakes and cities. I met very interesting people from many countries of the world.

    It cost around $1,600 CAD

  11. Some people really love to travel alone and as youth hostels are very popular in many countries, people do opt for those type of accommodation. There is nothing to wonder i guess, some people want to have their own space while traveling.. If you ask me this question, I wouldn’t love to go alone but want to go with friends only.. Actually my friend is waiting for her letter from American airways after the job interview, when it comes we will be going for a trip to Paris, a short one.. 🙂

  12. i like Traveling by bus, and please dont travel lonely. its very difficult, i had experience sorry very bad experience…

    always enjoy you traveling with your friends or best buddies, thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Arguments can be seen all over the web about the best way to travel. There are those who travel long term that shout the message far and wide that this is the only authentic and best way to travel. This in turn enrages those who choose not to travel like this, instead opting for four-week vacations, or luxury travel. Words of rage and insult get flung towards each other, and justification rises to the surface.

  14. I love to travel with my friends. We do lots of fun together.. Do silly things…..BubbleGum and all these things become memorable at the end…BigSmile2

  15. In my opinion travel is the very good selection and the best way to travel for our own selection…If you go away the convenient to travel for the specific places with the tranporting vehicles….I have to plan the new way to travel for the specific places are the Gorilla trekking,  Rwanda Safari, Gorilla Trekking….

  16. I like to travel with my family and friends during holidays. We have really great time together. It is great pleasure and joy, especially for the kids.

  17. Taking a road trip, every time for us! We love the flexibility of having our own time frame and not having o take the tourist route everywhere! Plus doing the research before you get to your desintation is a great way to kill he few weeks before your holiday! 

  18. Personnally, I like both! I think it depends on a lot of things:

    Who are you traveling with? When traveling with a group of friends it can be cool to stay at hostels, however when I’m by myself or with family, I’d rather go to a hotel.

    What is the goal of your vacation? If I just want to relax and do a little sightseeing without getting out of my comfort zone I’ll book a hotel room, whereas if I’m in the mood for adventure and crazy parties I’ll definitely go to a hostel.

    What is your budget? Hostels are generally much cheaper, but if you have enough money sometimes it’s nice to stay at a nice hotel with a bar, a pool, restaurants, etc.

    What do you guys think?

  19. If you travelling with your friends either family you have really joy with them always travelled with the safe journey.


  20. I like to travel with my friends as well as with my family and most of the time I travel to beach destinations where I can surf in a boat for hours.

  21. Ko Samui tourism and travel information such as accommodation, festivals, transport, maps, … as a hippy island paradise that remembers to provide the best of the creature comforts from home.

  22. According to me traveling alone is to much boring. I like to travel with friends and family, which gives a great enjoyment. And staying hotels is much comfortable for us.  

  23. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details …. The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

  24. Travel information such as accommodation, festivals, transport, maps, as a hippy island paradise that remembers to provide the best of the creature comforts from home.

  25. Alone and stay in hostels. I found that I would just team up with others if I was going the same way as them. Did that several times in South America.

    The number of arguements that I heard as the girl wanted the boyfriend to do girl things and the guy wanted to do boy things. Hell the girls would even put on the tears and carry on like there is no tommorrow. Give it up! You are showing your immaturity and man is it annoying having to listen to stupid arguements at the breakfast table. Girls go do your own thing for a day and let your man enjoy is backpacking holiday!!

  26. Dear friend,

    i agree with your suggestion. i also choose hostel in my tour plan beacuse this is full of love, entertainment and enjoy. this is the place where you meet with some another entertaining person who entertained you in real life not artificial. the person who lives in hostels who know every thing about his city so these guys help you in your tour program.

  27. In my opinion,the best way to explore the world is travelling with friends and staying at hotels.Travelling with friends is a totally different way of having fun..We are very free and can do all sort of mischeif together..And i preffer paying big and staying at hotels rather than adjusting ourselves to the hostel rooms..It makes my travel worth remembering:)

  28. Wow. Travelling alone… I suppose this for those on long tours and that are looking to meet people on the road… However if I could I would go on a travel with my friends, and still meet other people on my Journeys. I think many people differ in their opinions but I think if I could take my best mates in a travelling adventure is the best dream… and I think this is what the question is asking.

    Nice topic :)#


    Travel Consultant@

    Directline Holidays

  29. Hi there! the best way to travel is in Asia, a lot of beaches and shops to choose from and different culture to face. Exactly what the travelers want! 🙂

  30. Somehow, I love travelling by trains smiley3

    As far as travelling alone or not is concerned, I see no problem at all in travelling alone as with a chatty and friendly personnality, one always ends up making friends and acquaintances while travelling…

    Of course, having a travel companion or even better your soul mate travelling with you is the perfect choice but we live in a world were single people are getting more numerous every year, especially in large cities so one has to adapt wink


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