The Best Places To Cruise

A voyage that would take you down some of the world’s might waters on rental yachts can be an experience that can never be forgotten. Imagine meandering on a yacht across the Alaska’s glaciers or even on a shore excursion that may include entertainment, talks, making friends and having fun with friends on a yacht. Many people may erroneously believe that yachts are only for the privileged, not at all because you can have your moment on any of the world’s waters. We have listed some of the best places to cruise with rental yachts. We must tell you, these places are amazing.

Oxford, Maryland

Oxford, Maryland

The first thing that would blow your mind is the charm that comes with the waters of Oxford. This was a former major port that has been transformed to a flawless fine boatyards. There are waitresses who would serve you in the 19th century structures and the meals here are great. The oldest ferry in North America, the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry is available to take you around. There are sailing programs for those who are interested and the way that the dining options have been set in the lovely atmosphere is recommendable.

Poole, England

Poole, England

If you are in England, you need to find yourself on the south coast of the country, Poole, which is the one of the largest harbours in the world only after the one in Sydney. There are many yacht clubs for you to get involved in, not forgetting the Royal Motor Yacht Club which is the oldest in the world. Even Clive Bartlett wrote a lot of great things about this place.

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Seattle, Washington


The diversified method of yachting can be best experience in Seattle. You have a whole of things to do while you are here. You are embraced with cool temperatures and no humidity which is something that would make your stay in Seattle more exciting on a yacht.

Sidney, British Columbia, Canada


We must tell you that this is the world’s premier yachting town. You are treated well like a royal personnel. The off-the charts environment is what would attract you to Sidney. Sidney is one of the best places to cruise. The yachting service is excellent and the options provided can only be envious by the other places we have mentioned in this article.

St. Petersburg, Florida

A lot of travel writers would nominate St. Petersburg when it comes to rental yachting because it has a calm environment. The services and boating are great , the climate and geography endears a lot of people who want to have an exotic moment on a yacht with friends and loved ones. If you are thinking of coming to a place where you would have a relative quiet and mesmerizing time-out on the water, take the next flight to Florida and visit St. Petersburg. The first thing that would hit you without missing are the boats and the surrounding. Do not forget to come along with your camcorder or camera because they are moments for you to capture.

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