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It was on a weekend, when I was having good moments with my boyfriend. Mike, my boyfriend suggested that we should go to a place where we could enjoy ourselves. Mike suggested that we should go to the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos. I did not have much knowledge about this place, I had just read in books about it. Since I did not have much knowledge about this place, I couldn’t object Mike’s suggestion. I was eager to know much about this place. I even started searching on the internet, just to know more about it. I got a clue that it was an eye-catching and enjoyable place, one can ever think of. I waited for the day to come, indeed it was long enough. We made early preparation; we booked flight, organized for a hotel and paid to the tourism agency in that place. Finally the day came, we went and we had great moments at the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

We were finally in the area where the lake is. It looks beautiful by itself, even when you have not arrived to the lake itself. We could see the lake by a far place, we could not see the spots but we assumed it was spotted. I could imagine a rare spotted lake, I just heard it is a healing lake, and I asked myself how? I had a brainstorm, but I was going to confirm myself.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos is where we were finally at. We arrived at the lake before noon. It is a very beautiful lake one can ever imagine being at and watching. I couldn’t hold the happiness I had for being in such place, I really thank Mike for all this. He has ideas which are really good. I started taking pictures of the scene, I couldn’t wait the time to go. It was impressive, I saw what I had never seen before in life, a spotted lake. Mike really enjoyed liked, we were really jovial.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

We met with many people who were also seeing what the lake has. There was an agent to guide us all through our travel in the Spotted Lake. Firstly she started narrating to us more about the lake. We had to listen carefully what she was saying, since it was very interesting. She told us that the lake is reach with many minerals. She also added that most of the water evaporates during summer time. During this time large spots are left behind. Depending on the mineral composition left behind, the spots will be of white, pale yellow, green or blue in color. She also told us that the spots are mainly made of magnesium sulfate, which crystallizes in summer to form hardened natural walkways around and between the spots.

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The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

There was important thing we also needed to know about the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos. The agent told us that during the First World War,minerals from the lake were harvested for manufacture of ammunition. The lake to the natives is sacred and significant culturally.

After a brief introduction by the agent, we had a good picture and history of the lake. We were now free to enjoy our moments in the lake. We walked around viewing it. We also walked on walkways. It was very interesting doing all this. The photos we took at this instant were very beautiful, I still have them, and I enjoy looking at them so much. The lake like we had been told by the agent, it has spots of different colors, and indeed that is what we saw. When you see it at a distance it is eye-catching and you ought not to miss it.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

We were not alone in the scene, the lake attracts a lot of people, who too come and have a glance of the rare lake. It is rare, and I and my boyfriend, Mike were also there rarely. Rarely to mean, we were there specially to enjoy God’s creation. We were not only impressed with the beautiful scenes of the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos but also the weather of the place. We were advised before we had our travel that we should travel during summer time. We also climbed up Anarchist Mountain. Here we could see the lake clearly at this place.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

After a good start of hour trip to the Spotted Lake, we had to go for a rest in a hotel. We went to Best Western Sunrise Inn. This is a really great hotel we have ever been. We were served with very best food, they were delicious and I still have an urge to test them here at home. The services were of good quality. We were really served well.

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In the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos there are many beaches and picnic grounds. We walk around those picnic sites and they were really amazing and wonderful. We went to the beach also, the moments there were really fantastic. There were a lot of people in the beach, making it colorful and enjoyable. We swam in the beach and it was really fantastic. The day came into an end, it had been really great.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

That evening we decided to have a different taste of a hotel, this time we went to Holiday inn Sunspree Resort. As the name would suggest, it is a nice hotel for holiday. We took our dinner at this hotel, it was a delicious one, one can ever imagine of enjoying. We were also given very nice and descent room to spent a night in. The night we had was cool and fabulous.

The next day came and it had a very good schedule. We started by Osyoyoos Desert Model Railroad. It was an amazing place, really it was good for us. It was a beautiful scene, I could not miss out taking snaps of this place. It was indeed eye-catching. Mike also liked the place and he could not hide the happiness he had. It was just a thrilling site.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

The lineup of the day was not yet over, we had to visit Osyoyoos Museum Society. A beautiful museum we have ever visited. The setting itself was fantastic. The museum houses Victorian and Military, a sizeable butterfly and insect collection of children’s t, sports and recreational items. We also saw collection of children’s drawings created by students on the Inkameep Reserve between 1932- 1942. It was really nice being there, I cannot forget this museum. It has standards, which are historic, quality and educative. It has decorative arts, fine arts, human history and natural sciences.

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The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

After this, we boarded a taxi which took us to the airport where were going to catch a flight back home. As we left we could see at a far place the Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos. It was really beautiful at a far place, and more beautiful when one is near its more beautiful. We caught our flight and we came back home, very excited. We had had a very nice vacation in Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos.

The beautiful Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos

Finally we were at home, and friends really wanted to hear from us. Mike had a lot of stories to narrate to his friends too. He could also advise his friends to try it, so as to feel it by themselves. I also still remember the lake, it was so beautiful, and I cannot forget it. I also have photos to remind myself the wonderful moments at such a place. Whenever I see these pictures, I just remember hilarious moments in the lake. One should consider visiting the lake, it is a place you cannot afford missing it. Give life a chance, to see the wonders of the world. So next time you plan visiting a place which you will enjoy your time well, Spotted Lake of Osyoyoos is the place.

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