The Ancient Citadel Of The Black Pharoahs Site

Have you ever heard about the lost city in the sands? We are talking about the ancient citadel of the Black Pharaohs that is a rival to Egypt. However, in this place, there is no visitor but we have made it possible for you to see what it looks like. This does not mean that there is any restriction in this place. You can come if you wish. It is located 125 miles north of Khartoum, which in Sudan. This is where the pyramids of Meroë is located and they are towering from 20 feet to 100 feet in their height. This place was developed and built around 720 to 300BC.

The black pharaohs

Meroë is the lost city in Sudan and it is decorated beautifully with pyramids that are maintained and left to be impressive just like that in Egypt. If you visit the pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, you would appreciate beauty and architectural impression in it. However, in these pyramids in Sudan, there is no one coming around. It is a UNESCO world Heritage Site, yet, people do not come around. One of the reasons for this is because of the devastation that Sudan has on its tourism including the sanctions from the international community. This has caused the country to have the problem of visitors coming to its tourists’ sites.


The Meroë was once an ancient place that had a long river running around it. This place served as the home to the leaders of the Kush Kingdom. The Kush Kingdom was one of the earliest places that civilization visited in the Nile region that was called the Black Pharaohs. The entrance of this place is positioned in such a manner that it greets the rising sin from the East. For those who thing that Egypt has a monopoly when it comes to pyramids, they need to see the many pyramids in Sudan. These impressive and beautiful pyramids in Sudan have formed what has become the Meroë Necropolis. This is the heartland of the ancient Kingdom of Kush according to the UNESCO’s World Heritage website. It is here that you would see the primary residence of the Kushite kings who lived in the city of Kush at Meroe. There is a religious ground of Naqa and Musawwarat es Sufra around this place.

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There are elements of decorations that were motivated by the Pharaonic Egypt, Rome and Greece. This is what has made this place in Sudan exceptionally great to visit. These pyramids are priceless relics. There are stone rams that are seen guarding the entrance to the religious site of the Amun Temple in Naga. This is close to the large bend in the Nile River. When we say that visitors are not seen around here, we do not mean that you may not catch up with some people when you visit.

When you come to Naga, you would be told that this place was among the discoveries that were seen in first century and has also become a major aspect of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sight of white camels and handful security guards can be seen often here.

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