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Tenerife is the Island Capital of Canary Islands? archipelago. For five hundred years its harbour, sheltered by the Anaga mountain range, has been a safe haven against the prevailing north easterly winds for seafarers navigating the Atlantic Ocean.

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Tenerife's port is currently a modern and vibrant harbour, safe and within ten minutes walking distance of the city centre. It has become a favourite port of call for tourist cruisers given its magnificent facilities and the variety of landscapes which can be found on the Island. On clear days, ships sailing from the North are able to spot the peak of Mount Teide (altitude 3,718 m) from many kilometers away.

The Island has two international airports at 10 and 50 Km from the port and with a broad range of hotels, the Island receives five million tourists per year.

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  1. Hi nick, thanks for sharing the info…
    The photos are great, looks even better than reality.
    I would just like to tell you travelers, that I have been like 2 years ago to Tenerife.
    A part of the Islas Canarias in Spain.
    To tell you the truth I was really disappointed,  I was expecting from Tenerife as an Island,
    To be green, with lots of trees, amazing beaches etc… Some kind of island you see on the movies.
    However Tenerife is a Volcanic Island, it is not green at all ! and has more like mountain and desert view.
    It has some volcanoes, with nice view from up hill, but not the view I was expecting.
    The beaches are OK but I have seen much much better beaches like Colombia (Tayrona especially) Costa Rica (Especially the Limon beach area and Manuel Antonio) and of course Thailand.
    Anyway The only great thing I really like about Tenerife was the zoo. They have an amazingly huge zoo, which has like very special animals. like white tiger (there are only around 3 white tigers on the world) and they have a really nice penguins exhibition, in Which they built some kind of an artificial ice berg cage with artificial snow. And you can watch them underneath the water swimming and above the water playing, since the cage is a huge transparent glass. That was the prettiest zoo I have ever been too.
    Anyway guys, if you plan to see a green islands with lovely beaches surrounded by palm trees and monkey and lots of trees, Tenerife is definitely NOT your place.
    Just go to another island in the canarias, which has no volcanic view !

    See ya 

  2. Tenerife’s coastline has something for everyone – sun worshippers, watersports enthusiasts, scuba divers and nudists can all indulge their particular passion here. The island’s sub-tropical climate, tempered by the cool Trade Winds and warm Gulf Stream, has earned it the title of “The Island of Eternal Spring”. With its warm, crystal clear waters (which at times reach 25C) the island’s beaches and sea provide a year-round playground for international visitors.

  3. I do enjoy tenerife, been a couple of times. ended up in Playa de las Americas, spent most of the holiday in the bars. great times, great times.
    but if you do want a little more peace then i would suggest Los Christianos, close enough to walk to Americas but far enough away to relax.

  4. i do like tenerife. i prefer the northern side of the island though. it is a little more temperate but get a rental car for the trips to the south

  5. don’t mind the canary islands, usually i rent a car and use the hotel as a base to explore the island. thats why i prefer an island to the mainland. there is a limit to how lost you can get!

  6. Strangely i have never visited the spanish islands. i’ve been to the mainland a few times but not the islands. i keep meaning to but have never got round to it. can’t see it happening in the next year or two though. need to budget carefully for a while at the mo.

  7. renting a car is a great way to see islands. just remember that not all of the roads are up to british standards (and i say that loosely), it may be worth hiring a 4 by 4, and remember that because it isn’t your normal car that it will be a different size.

  8. I like Tenerife and found it more enjoyable than Gran Canaria. There is an aquarium on the west side in Puerto de la Cruz and shopping is all its little towns. There are the Pyramids of Gumar to see which are built along the same principles as those in Mexico and Peru. This island is jam packed with things to see and I will visit again. It can get rather cool here in the winter. If you are on a budget there are hostels. The one I stayed in only charged me for a single even though they didn’t have single rooms and this was in high season. Do a little research and you will be able to have a cheap break.

  9. Renowned for its scenery and year-round summer weather, Tenerife is a volcanic island, part of the Canary archipelago administered by Spain. Offering excellent beaches (some of them man-made and others with natural black volcanic sand), as well as the towering snow-capped Mount Teide, a Tenerife holiday offers a variety of activities and experiences, from watersportsmore to nature hikes, shopping in the capital, Santa Cruz, and visiting historic sites.

  10. I’ve only been in the touristic area, Playa de las Américas, but the hotel was next to one of the best beaches in the area, a white sandy beach, Playa del Camison.

  11. Hello world! I am currently planning a trip to someplace exotic. Never went to the Kanarys so I really don’t know what to expect.

    Is it better than the Balearic Islands? Please advise.

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