Ten Noisiest Cities In The World

We know that the loud music, honking, traffic, car alarms, pedestrian noise and angry screeching of tires are synonymous with cities; however, there some cities in the world that are just notorious for noise pollution. You should understand that noise pollution is not good to the ears and a lot of it can lead to stress and even serious health issues.

Delhi, India

Delhi, India

Officially, this city in India is referred to as the National Capital Territory of Delhi. It is India’s second most populous city. With its population, noise pollution is something that you may never run from. Though, it is a hot tourist site but the noise is simply unbearable to those who cannot stand the effect of noise pollution.

Shanghai, China


In the world, Shanghai is the largest city with population. We are talking about more than 23 million people and still counting tourists who are coming daily for one reason to another. If you are a quiet person, you may not find this busy city fun to relax. There is hardly any quiet place to run from the city’s bustling and excitement.

Karachi, Pakistan


There are a lot of things that you can do in Pakistan especially the capital city, Karachi. It is one of the nosiest spots in the world, been the most populous city in Pakistan and also the financial capital and main seaport. It has been ranked as a Beta World city

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New York City, New York

New York

New York cannot escape the list. It is the most populous city if you are in America and has become the world’s most populous urban agglomerations. You can feel the thickness of the noise over your shoulder. The streets are very busy and sometimes, the human traffic is crazy.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital city of Argentina has become the second largest city in South America. It is also a very important global city in that continent. A lot of tourists are seen here which adds to the noise of the city.

Madrid Capital, Spain


A very beautiful place to be and yet a noisy city; Madrid is the capital of Spain and home to Real Madrid FC. The city is European Union third largest city that is after London and Berlin.

Tokyo, Japan


It is the capital of Japan and has become the world’s largest metropolitan area with a huge population. There are a lot of things happening at the same time in Tokyo that noise cannot be eluded.

Kolkata, India


Kolkata has become the third most populated metropolitan spot in the country. It is the cultural, education and commercial center of Eastern India.

Cairo, Egypt


If you love tourism, you should always think of Cairo and this beautiful city that was founded in AD 969 is called ‘the city of thousand minarets. It is a busy city that has noise to contend with.

Mumbai, India

mumbai 1370023 340

The capital of India, Mumbai cannot run from noise. This is the fourth most populous city in the world and has over 20.5 million.

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