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Valdevaqueros Beach, Tarifa

While many other holiday destinations may offer sun, sea, sand and surf, none possess the unique quality that is Tarifa.

Everyone who visits falls in love with the place. Such is the magnetic lure of Tarifa’s energy that first time visitors often book their next holiday before the first is even over!

But why.

Various forces collide to give Tarifa its inimitable character. Its drama comes from its location at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans.

This unique geography is the reason Tarifa is a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts. The Levante wind, which blows from the east, provides the perfect conditions for kite and windsurfing.

As a result, Tarifa attracts a sizeable surf troop every year. They bring with them a laid-back but energetic attitude to life that permeates throughout the town.

But Tarifa’s location as the European gateway to Africa means that the town also attracts a heady bunch of far-flung travellers too. This is a different type of thrill-seeker, hell bent on seeking out the new and unknown.

The Tarifa locals – known as Tarifeños – ensure that the town retains the best of Andalucia at its heart. Here, Siesta, Flamenco and Feria are still the order of the day. This means that those visitors who are after a taste of real Spain will not be disappointed.

The locals live alongside an eclectic bunch of expats that have made Tarifa home. Along with a more holistic attitude to life, they ensure the visitor gets the very best of modern European conveniences.

In short, no other coastal town caters to such a diverse group of holidays. From extreme sports to bird watching, culture hounds to bar hoppers, romantic getaways to explorers, Tarifa accommodates them all again and again and again.

For more information on why Tarifa is the perfect holiday destination for you, get in touch with Frank at Tarifa Direct today.

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