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Top places to go surfing?

Please answer only if you are a surfer, and if you have been surfing in the country you’re suggesting.

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You should Travel to:


  1. From your list Costa Rica is the best option for surfing, I have visited there and found it a good place for surfers.

  2. Try the west coast of Portugal north of Lisbon – its part of the pro ripcurl tour and several other pro events are held there each there. The coast is so twisted that there is an offshore somewhere almost every day of the year, and the weather is mild enough for a 4mm to get you through winter

  3. Well I am not my self a professional surfer but yes like to do it occasionally but have researched alot about when is the best time to surf. Winters or the setting season is the best time to surf as the waves are at there highest peak. In summers and springs an occasional surf is fine as waves are not that high. Beginners start to practice in summers and as there confidence grows they tend to shift to winters at the main stage.

  4. No mention of Hawai, Hawaii is home to most of the Big Wave surfing and some of the most coveted breaks exist in this island paradise

  5. MEXICO!! Its such a beautiful place! I think you haven’t gone there so far, so make it this time, go ahead and enjoy surfing!! I received a letter from American airways. After replying to their job offer and making sure that American airways letters sent, I’ll plan my trip! I don’t want too many things running in my mind when i sit down to plan.. By the way whom are you going with?? Hoep you have anice time..

  6. I also think that costa rica is the one of the best choice if you go for surfing instead of going to mexico or somewhere else.

  7. I actually haven’t been to Costa Rica but last summer I was in Bali and the place is reall paradise for surfers 🙂 The coast and the waves are just great besides you have pretty good accommodation option right on the sea coast.

  8. My vote goes to most beautiful place Tahiti which is famous for doing adventure, watersports activities and it’s natural beauty.

  9. Hawaii has the best surf in the world !!!! summer time get good on the south shores,winter has hugh surf, good luck. I have been hearing good things about El Salvador and South America

  10. Thailand is the best place and most popular one because of its amazing beaches. And I am sure that surfers will definitely love in here…

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