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Ski has become one sport that a lot of people are interested in. The excitement that comes with this sport activity has made it possible for a lot of people to come around whenever it is taking place. If you are a fan of this sport, then we have good news for you. There are some luxury hostels that you can make use of whenever you come for any ski festival. These hostels have become where thousands of ski fans come around to explore and relax.

All In One Lodge, St Moritz

All In One Lodge, St Moritz

When you take you first glance at this hostel, you would be pushing to come closer because the location of this hostel is in Celerina, Switzerland. Think of this, within three minutes walk right from St Moritz, you would be blown away with beauty at this place. You may thing that All In One Lodge is going to be expensive with its Scandi-esque furniture, wood-panelled walls and low lights. However, it is a very affordable place to be. It also got this cool lounge bar.

Gite Vagabond, Chamonix

Gite Vagabond, Chamonix

You are definitely going to love this place and it is right at there on the French Alps. It is a 150 year old bunk house which is affordable and also one of the favourites of people. It is most famous and oldest hostel with a rooftop view that would throw out L’Aiguille du Midi for you to see. The town is not far away which makes it a great place to be.

The Treehouse, Kasberg

The Treehouse, Kasberg

It can only get better when you come to this Austrian resort that 100km away from Salzburg. It is located in a local chalet in a village called Grünau im Almtal. If you are a fun going person, just close by is a freestyle park where you can catch all the excitements of the day. It is really affordable and does not cost much for you to make use of things here.

SameSun Hostel, Banff

Samesun hotel

SameSun Hostel comes with TV, new kitchen and there are games rooms. It is a seven minute walk to the downtown. Coming with your family can be fun and there are a lot of activities for you to explore here. The cost of using this place is very affordable which makes it one of the best hostels to be. Come here in the night and have the moment of your life. Nothing can qualify the fun that would meet you in this North America’s resort.

The Hostel, Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

Those coming at the Teton Village, would always hurry to the Jackson Hole mountain base, this is where the Hostel is located and guess what? This hostel has been packed with glamorous rooms to stay and price tags perfectly match the service that is rendered. At the end of the day, it is not only ski activity that you are seeing but fun. The different hostels that we have highlighted would help spend quality time while ski goes on and you explore the areas.

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