Summer’s Most Expensive Festivals In The World

Every summer, we see a lot of festivals around the world and we are taking a look at the world’s most expensive festival. Coachella has become the summer’s most expensive festival that cost £187 A day for drink, for entry and food. It does not matter the amount spent because there are a lot of sightseeing and celebrities to mingle with. Little wonder that the Coachella festival has become a hit for those who are willing to spend s o much here.


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become where people go to have a blast and the cost is not less and if you must attend, you are going to pay more than other revelers. This Californian A-list magnet is now ahead in terms of spending than Belgium’s Tommorowland, not including the cost of getting there, with costs varying drastically depending on the destination.

Tomorrowland is not just a common festival in Belgium but one festival that would drag thousands to it. It is one of the most expensive festivals closely following Coachella. A lot of superstars are seen coming here which is a major boast for revelers.

tomorrowland festival

In England, there is Glastonbury that is now the third most expensive festival in the world. There are more things to spend while here including the camping fees. Coachella is America’s answer to Glastonbury but, not only are tickets nearly impossible to get your hands on, it could be just as difficult to cover the costs.

As the birth place of British festival culture, Glastonbury remains one of the most iconic and celebrated music events in our British calendar but, as our research shows, being a part of this tradition will cost you.


Tickets are not far behind those of Coachella in terms of prices, and neither is the cost of food and drink when you’re there – unsurprising considering the festival is famous for having some of the best festival food around. There is also an affordable festival for those who cannot afford these three festivals, we would be taking you to the Exit Festival in far away Serbia. Then there is Open’er in Poland that is also affordable.


It goes better for those who would be making the summer a great tourist time because these festivals including many more around the world are simply irresistible. The euphoria can be felt in the air and the excitement is hyped so much that you may just want to visit. Every year, we see thousands of people who are coming to these different destinations. If you are trying to see some famous celebrities perform on stage, these festivals are simply where you should find yourself.

The fact is that you must not spend so much to be here. There is a lot of information that would help you make cuts in so many avenues while you are in any of these destinations. The dates for these festivals are different and mostly, July happens to be the month that you can have that fun in any of these festivals.

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