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holidays in MadagascarOne of the largest islands of the world, the island continent, the Red island all these images of Madagascar hide the sanctuary of a unique nature and a mosaic of people from migration.
In Madagascar, the variety of landscapes, people and their origins set the tone. Inside the country, the land gradually denuded, rivers spoof red laterite hills and while the traditional houses of mud make the charm of Highlands. On the east coast, rain, wind, and the memory of European pirates give the green nature of a story to Joseph Conrad. Further south, the landscape saw the thorny bush and semi-desert. In the Far West, Majunga displays its Muslim influence, while the savannah dotted with baobabs remember Africa. Finally, at the northern, top of Madagascar, Diego Suarez retains traces of the last outpost of French colonization.
Madagascar is also home to the ancestors. The Malagasy inherited the traditions of peoples from Indonesia and Africa, who sailed up to them to provide a twenty ethnic groups whose customs fascinate budding ethnologists.
The island has developed species of plants and animals unique in the world, including lemurs.
While there are signs that perhaps the beginnings of development, the country is still not ready for mass tourism. Here, the famous mora-mora” a slow is required. All you have to do now is to book your tour in Madagascar and get memorable holidays.

Written by MadAccompagnatore

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