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hello we are livening in Hong Kong
Any good suggestion for my honeymoon on October?

My wife don’t like too cold and too hot… this is the main concerns… I’m quite headache now….

Thinking on Portugal and Japan? Any other suggestion?

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  1. How much do you want to spend? A friend of mine did well to get a good deal to go to Bali 🙂 However, reckon Portugal would be a good bet.

  2. Hello

    France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria……spring is the best time for not cold and too hot or begining of autumn like end of august till end of october.

    Have a nic time

  3. In my point of view Switzerland is the best destination for honeymoon. I have also been there with my husband on my honeymoon. :pp:)

  4. Hi

    Nice thread. Thanks for sharing your different opinion.
    London makes a great honeymoon destination. It is a great place to stop over to and from Europe or the Mediterranean for a few days. Or is a great final honeymoon destination in its own right. Tremendous history, excellant infrastructure, and pretty good people to boot.

    Have a nice time ahead.

  5. australia or new zealand would be a sensible choice for you in HK, although a trip to europe will be a lot more special its possible that the weather may not be as perfect as you would want on a honeymoon.
    another possibility is the west indies, a tropical beach and cocktails is pretty impressive no matter what the month.

  6. ^^ Agree, You have wonderful options being at a hub like HK. Many thoughts come to my mind, but when trying to consider a destination that is not too hot and not too cold, it does make things a tad more difiicult.

    Europe sounds nice. So does NZ! Australia does have a well developed infrastructure. QLD has the Whitsundays, which perhaps because of the ‘Best Job in the World’ has recently come into the forefront of my mind lately! 🙂

    Heard that National Geographic is airing a 6-part TV series in August of the contest and life in the islands. Might give a little inspiration!

    But as far as a honeymoon goes, I think that they have a lot going for them with regards to pampering!

  7. Hi, It depends what you are looking for, for a romantic quieter breaks in idyllic setting … what about Portugal, or Italy in the Spring and autimn time…March to may or Sept to Oct….

    We went to Wales and had a glorious wet time in Wales hahaha

  8. Good day!

    Try Philippine Island ! There are 7101 island you can visit!! Regarding temperature most of tourist like to stay.

  9. I would definitely try Portugal or Tenerife in October, the weather will be just right, nice and bright during the day with warm breezes, slightly cooler at night, but not cold at all. Good prices at that time of year too.


    Have a nice time wherever you go

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