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Hey All, I’m a student at the university of Manchester doing Chinese Studies, as part of my course i have to spend third year of the course in China, i was just wondering if a) anybody had done something similar , b) where would be a good place to go, and c) what places are good as a tourist? I’m sortof struggling with the whole enthusiasm at the moment due to a lecturer who seems to despise China, so I’m hoping you could all help get me into the mood so that i have a reason to get on with my studies !

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3 thoughts on “Studying in China”

  1. Hey!

    I went to China last year for a month through school, where I studied and travelled around a bit. I wasn’t too keen on it either before I went but believe me its pretty good. I got right into the barteriing at all the knockoff shops, it was so much fun! That and think how up-to-date you’ll be on your movies when you can pick up all the latest releases on a random street corner. 🙂 I was in Shanghai and I met heaps of people doing just what you are going to do and they were having a blast! If you get to pick a place to be based definately go for Shanghai, its the most european of all the cities and speaks the most english. The further out you go apparently then less english they speak and such. Also, Shaghai is where most of the expats are so if you feel a little home sick or just want to hang out with someone from home its not too hard to find someone. If you go to this little bar called NZOZ you’ll find HEAPS of international students from all over the world who are doing exactly what you are so you might make some friends. If you do some research before you go there are some clubs around Shanghai where you pay around 100 yuan or so for as much as you can drink alcohol between certain times. It works out to be like $15 AUD at the time which was crazy! As for touristy things…. well you have to go to Biejing and check out the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and all the rest of it. We just went for a weekend and had a guide take us around all these places which was great. We went to a few places around Shanghai too like Yuyuan Gardens which were really nice to wonder around. The shops outside were full of touristy trinkets but the gardens were great. One place you should definately go to if you end up in Shanghai is Taikang Road. Its in the French Concession East and it was so good. I went at night (like 6:30 – 7pm.) and its all lit up with fairy lights and stuff with a maze of tiny little bars, restaurants and shops representing places from all over the world. It is definately worth a visit! There’s also a heap of other great things to see like the Jade Buddha Temple, this place outside the city that’s like the Venice of China the name starts with a Z that’s all I can remember, the Bund (go see it at night as its all lit up), and heaps of other stuff.

    Trust me if you do a bit of research and get out and about in China I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll like it. I was.

    Good luck with your studies!!!

  2. I’m studying in Beijing. And I like this city. Though the summer is so damn hot. It’s fair okay that it could be cool at night!


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