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The Catedral Metropolitana de Sorocaba is a church located in the central square of the city. It has a rich architectural design both inside and outside. In the background it is possible to see a garden with fresh blooms.

Sorocaba To Porto Real By Bus

Porto Real

If you need excellent value for money and a taste of Brazilian food in the city of Porto real, visit the Trattoria. The restaurant is simple, but the dishes are exceptional.

Here are the available modes of transport from Sorocaba to Porto Real.

Sorocaba To Porto Real By Bus

The distance between Sorocaba to Porto Real is 381 km. There are two bus rides to complete when travelling from Sorocaba to Porto Real. First, take the Bus Agua Brianca that is bound to Campinas. From there, take a Bus Agua Brianca bound to Resende where you can take a cab ride to reach Porto Real. The total travel time is eight hours and 25 minutes for US$37. For details, check out:

Sorocaba To Porto Real By Bus

If driving is your travel option; the journey takes four hours.

Sorocaba To Porto Real By Train

The railway route of Sorocaba to Porto Real is not covered by any railway transport company.

Sorocaba To Porto Real By Plane

There are three commercial flights that offers daily flights that hail from the airport of Sao Paulo to reach the airport of Porto Real (Rio de Janeiro). The travel time is one hour for US$190. For details, visit:

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