I was in the market for another KR808 and after hearing pretty much nothing but good things about this company,as well as having a great black friday/holiday promotion I decided to go with them.

Before I go any further let me state that I have no association with this company other than being a customer and I paid full price for my kit.

First off, the shipping. I ordered on Wednesday and had it today. That’s fantastic especially considering the holiday. The package arrived in a sturdy mailing box with stuffing so the kit wasn’t being jostled around inside.

I opened it up, plugged the battery in and then went back to bed (I’m a day sleeper lol).

When I woke up I screwed on the carto, took a puff and almost choked. The “easy drag” they promote is no lie, the vapor went straight to the back of my throat like a cig does. I ordered my kit with the 16mg regular flavor (it actually does taste like a cig). I’ve been using the same carto for several hours now and vapor production/throat hit is the same as when I screwed it on.

One thing I’m struck by is how solid the battery is, it’s very “dense” and deceptively heavy. I’d say it’s heavier than a 510 battery. It’s not a deal breaker, it’s not unpleasant or awkward to use, it’s just heavier than I’m used to with an e-cig this size.

I just put the battery on to charge after about 3 hours of continuous use so the battery life is good for my needs.

My previous experience with a KR808 was with a mega battery and it didn’t seem to provide half the punch this does. I don’t know if it’s Smoketip’s cartos or what but I’m finding them pretty impressive.

I’m not going to lie, Smoketip is more expensive than other 808s out there. As someone who has burnt through several batteries, at this point I shop more based on warranty and customer service than price. Yea I could save money up front but if I have to replace batteries out of pocket I’m really not saving much in the long run. Smoketip offers a lifetime guarantee on their batteries, no questions asked. And according to several posters on ECF it truly is no questions asked and they do honor their warranty. Hopefully I won’t have to use it but it’s awesome that it’s there.

Overall I’m very pleased, it’s not often that I’m excited about a product but I’m very, very happy with this.

If anyone is interested, here are the coupons that solidified my decision to go with Smoketip-

THANKSGIVING SPECIAL OFFER for three days only, Wednesday November 24th through Friday November 26th you can Buy one SmokeTip starter kit and get a second kit for FREE! Just put two starter kits into your cart, and then enter the coupon code “BUY1GET1” to take advantage of this offer.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER starting Saturday November 27th through Saturday December 18, get $10 OFF the purchase of any SmokeTip Starter Kit. Just enter the coupon code “TENOFF” to take advantage of this offer.