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So I have been traveling around the world for all of my life and I have seen so many different things that frustrate me. The question that I have is what makes somebody a smart traveler and what makes a stupid traveler. I remember one time I went to Chile and somebody lost 150 dollars in the plane and we couldn’t find the owner. I couldn’t believe it. Another time in the bagger’s check somebody left their luggage there while they went to the bathroom and when they came out it was gone through. Smart people take their baggage in with them. They don’t let it go out of sight. There is nothing worse than having people steal from you when you are just doing your business. I also had a small little lock that I put on my bags between flights. I have samsonite luggage and they came with these small little locks. Now you can’t use them as much but i use them in between flights. Another stupid thing to do is to ask people to watch your carry on luggage while you are going somewhere. That’s just asking for something to happen to your stuff. Just be smart and help me find other stupid airport situations.!

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