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You may find it hard to believe that some of these beaches are in Britain, these beaches are so lovely that you may be thinking that they are located in the Caribbean. We have seen some of these beaches and must confess that they are really lovely to visit. Some of these beaches are secluded to be unspolit, they are not overrated like some of the famous beaches in the world. From the inlets of Scotland’s Achmelvich beach that is hidden, down to the Dorset’s Man of War Bay azure waters, you would be stunned that Britain got all these beaches.


achmelvich beach

A lot of people would have loves to be in this Achmelvich beach that is located in Scotland. This beach really looks as if you are in another part of the world. This beach is crystal-clear waters and powdery sand. There is a cove that makes it quite a troupe to conquer when you come here for this beach.

The Great Ocean Road

Kynance Cove

Right at the rocky coastline that is located in Kynance Cove is where you can find the beach. Some people who come here are in love with this place because of the way that it is situated perfectly. The cove’s white sand beach is what would lure you to have a great time here. The green and dark red serpentine rock brings out such a stunning sight that you cannot resist them.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door

In Dorset is the Durdle Door that has become a very important landmarks in the United Kingdom. This is a destination that has the touch of Paris to it, the limestone arch on its Jurassic Coast is what gives this beach something exotic. It is close to the Lulworth, this is a private owned place by the Weilds and it is very open to the public.

Man of War Bay

Man of War Bay

Are you thinking of the waters of Sicily? Then, you should be coming to Dorset that has become a haven. It is very close to the Durdle Door, this is what makes it a very unique beach for you to visit. A lot of people come here to have an amazing time.

The Seilebost Beach

The Seilebost Beach

This is just like the Hawaii. A lot of people who are coming here feel at home and want to explore every nook and cranny of this place. It is located in the Isle of Harris Scotland. There are tropical green mountains and sandy bay that simply makes this place a Hawaiian paradise. This place is stunning and just fun to be.

You can see how Britain has hidden these beaches away from the tourists. If you want to have a blast in this the UK, around waterways, then you should be coming to these beaches to experience life to its fullest. This is what has made these destinations to be exciting, yet there is no crowd problem in them. This is because a lot of people coming to the UK are not even aware that these beaches exist.

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