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Barely two days passed when my husband surprised me with an air ticket to the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. Sao Paulo is a pretty place to make your holidays and adventures awe inspiring. There are oodles of attraction to meet your attention among them being pretty cathedrals, museums, historical sites, parks among many other gorgeous things to see. The atmosphere here is simply magnificent and that will make you very comfortable. It has also a scenic scenery to walk in. Our visiting Sao Paulo was indeed one of the best we had ever had. We mesmerized touring its numerous attractions that we hardly wanted to get back home. This experience left me with no other choice but to share with all individuals planning to pay a visit to Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

We commenced our great adventures thee dazzling Museum of Art. The museum is strategically located on a scenic site. The first attraction that met our curious eyes was the Paulista Avenue that led us to the museum. This avenue was indeed superlative and one of the greatest in Brazil and so in Sao Paulo. Right at the museum, we were totally immersed in a moment of merry as we witnessed the unique gorgeous architectural design of the museum. It was sure a piece of art itself and could hardly escape our attention. It also looked so modern giving it a high touch of recognition. We then toured its rooms where we were compactly overwhelmed by the beautiful displays that spread all the way from the doorway. They were surely good looking that we had to take at least two photos of each piece that we met. The guides were also amazing. They helped us all around the rooms explaining great and amusing details of most of the items on display. They indeed deserved to be cherished. The museums environs were also well furnished giving the place a site look for relaxation. We took about an hour hovering around the museum admiring the many beauties that were attached to the museum. It was certainly a nice spot to start our adventures.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

We then headed to the magnificent Sao Paulo Cathedral. The cathedral was scenic and definitely worth of visiting. It had a splendid a structural design that left us no choice but to have its snaps. The flowers bestowed in its compound were fantastic and we picked a few to feel a closer smell of their exquisite scents. It was certainly a nice place to be. The trees were also enticing and offered great shades against harsh sun rays. It was also nice to imagine the kind of fabulous ceremonies that were held in that compound. We then moved to the churches inside. This was yet another picturesque site that we would not want to think of having circumvented. It looked so beautiful and more of a paradise. Its arrangement was surely worth of seeing. The religious scriptures and materials held within it were also notable. The altar was one specific spot that drew us closer to holiness as it simply depicted a high sense of a spiritual place. The people worshiping there were also enchanting though few in number as this was not a formal worship day. We would certainly have to visit the cathedral again to experience more of its peacefulness.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The stunning Ibiraquela Park was yet another place we could hardly fail to tour. This was unbelievably a nice spot to spend time with my family. Its location was superb and more so the tranquil ambiance that encompassed the entire region. It was truly a breathtaking site and I was very grateful to my husband for having chosen it as one of our visit area while in Sao Paulo. The park had everything we wished to see. We started by touring the lovely Museum of Contemporary Art. This was one of the nicest place we toured. The relics here were outstanding and actually the best collections. We took them several photos and moved to the charming Ibiraquela Auditorium for more fun. The auditorium was beautifully constructed with lots of modernity. The benches were also splendid that we only wondered what kind of activities took place there. It was however a good place to venture in. We actually took several hours within the park as its charm could not be completed in a small time span. Our visit was truly remarkable.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

The thrilling Vila Olimpia was another place we could not leave Sao Paulo before experiencing its magical feel. It was certainly a great place bearing in mind that we were all nightlife lovers. Here we went directly to one of the dance hall with our heads high as we knew much was waiting us. The dancers on stage were fabulous and moved in every smart style that they knew of. It was in effect very tempting that I found myself on stage following keenly their steps as I wanted nobody to take my position. This experience was one of the best I had ever had all my life. My husband later joined me and we danced highly as a great couple. Later we walked to dive bars for a taste of their best offers. This was certainly a magnetic place as everything that was given to us at a cut rate price. I will definitely visit the place again.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

We then moved to the impeccable Morumbi for a look and admiration of the pretty cemetery. The cemetery was well put in place and thus worth our efforts. There were lots of attractively carved graves that deserved photos. The place had also a nice look with an immaculate green cover. We had carried some flowers to lay on the brilliant grave site of the famous Formula One Race victor, Ayton Senna. We also showed our appreciation to the many other souls buried there. There were also huge crowds of tourists visiting the site as this cemetery is very famous as it houses the champions rest place. Our visit was incredibly delightful.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

We were also very fluky to have visited the place at a time when the compelling Sao Paulo Fashion Week was starting. This was incredibly one of the very best shows we had witnessed all our life time. The show was appealing right from the way it was advertised at many corners of Sao Paulo streets. We could not think of missing every bit of it. Here, the most excellent fashion designs as well as their designers were put to stage. The designers proudly showed off their artistic work by representing their fashion models in the world. We felt very privileged to be among the large crowd of people from every part of the world as this is a world class show. We cherished every unique design we saw and I actually planned of securing at least one of the kind. This was beyond doubt fantastic place to adventure.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

We finally graced our fruitful visit at the outstanding Edificio Italia site. This was sure an eye catching skyscraper to tour. The whole 46 mighty story structure was amazing and one could hardly imagine of still being on earth as such beauties were only thought of being in other planets. We ascended it top via a well maintained lift. We felt out of the earth and soon than later we found ourselves at the top. Here we were able to nave panoramic views of the beautiful Sao Paulo. We were particularly happy that we had our camera with us as we were able to record most of the things taking place within the city. It was certainly one of our greatest tours we had ever had that we sought of visiting Sao Paulo again after a few months.

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