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Does anyone have some advice on some of the saftest places to visit in Brazil??

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You should Travel to:


  1. Hi Kennooo 
    I have been traveling in Brazil for about 4 month and I can give you some good advice.
    At what time of the year do you plan to Travel? and What places in Brazil have you been thinking of?



    travel forum Buzios is a charming peninsula with a small town (Arma??o de Buzios), 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro, with 20 unspoiled beaches and many handicraft stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars and a selected ambient.

    Buzios is a kind of Saint Tropez in a South American version, known worldwide. Its beaches – Gerib?, Ferruda, Ossos? – are excellent & Amazingly Beautiful for swimming, diving, resting, windsurfing, sailing… They are, undoubtedly among the best beaches in Brazil, for those who privilege cosmopolitism.

    Angra dos Reis

    Locatd Near Rio de Janeiro, halfway between Rio and S?o Paulo, stands a much larger peninsula with 365 small islands, broad bays, 2,000 white and golden sandy beaches, small villages, lovely hotels, restaurants, villas, clubs, and, between them, an unspoiled, selected and expensive treasure: Angra dos Reis. As Buzios, Angra stands amongst the best and the costly of Brazil destinies: celebrity costs? travel forum

    Angra dos Reis stays at a peninsula called Costa Verde (Green Coast), somewhere between Rio and S?o Paulo. This is a delightful destination, with amazing forests, waterfalls, lakes, small fishing villages, secret coves (Angra dos Reis means King?s Cove) and 365 small islands and 2,000 small beaches ? and also many resort hotels, villas and restaurants.

    Here you can fish and dive, or explore the walking trails of the Ilha Grande (the main island), giving access to some isolated and top beaches (Canto, Morcego?). You can also enjoy the delights of the zone by boat, schooner, or yacht. Or go to popular surfers beaches, as Aventureiro, a reference among the many ?surfable? beaches in Brazil.


    Brazilian Island surrounded by a blue sea, which bathes many wonderful beaches,
    Read more in this travel forum thread –> More Info Florianopolis

    Porto Seguro
    travel forum
    Small town of 7,000 inhabitants and the first colonial Portuguese settlement in Brazil, hasn?t the cosmopolitism and splendour of Rio de Janeiro, or the African element of Salvador da Bahia. Porto Seguro is much more a bucolic destination of warm waters and palms, lagoons, rivers and sea cliffs.

    But if you intend to escape city turbulence, Like I do  without plunging in an isolated beach resort and loosing the typical Brazilian animation, Porto Seguro is an excellent option

    In Porto Seguro you can visit the near forest, and even the Indians (the Pataxos, the first tribe contacted by Europeans when they arrived to at South America); you can also visit top nearby locations as Arraial da Ajuda (an international resort with intense nightlife, just five-minutes boat from Porto Seguro), or Trancoso beach, also a highly considered resort, often compared with Buzios. These last places are ideal for shopping and entertainment.

    Praia do Forte

    Old fishing village, just a few miles north of Salvador da Bahia, surrounded by a wide natural park and a superb 5 miles sandy beach with lots of natural pools. Here you can swim, canoe, and observe the wide diversity of the park?s life. There are local programes for bird-watching, rainforest walking or turtle observation (marine turtles come to the beach between the months of September and March). Praia do Forte is just an hour drive from Salvador da Bahia.

    Comandatuba Island

    Top brazilian resort (at least in my opinion  Cool ) located about 50 Kms from the city of Ilheus, and is an excellent option in luxury Brazilian leisure. Its trade marks are sophistication, ecology, peacefulness and animation. In Comandatuba island you can encounter diversified sport options: golf greens, biking, tennis, beach volleyball, kayak, windsurfing, fishing, schooner, diving, etc, etc.

    The proximity of Ilheus ? the Brazilian capital of cocoa, with an excellent nightlife and animation? is another advantage. Through Ilheus, you can known the other side of the night of Brazil, or enlarge your options for shopping…

    Costa do Sauipe

    Costa do Sauipe is a mega enterprise in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the northern coast of Bahia. The beauty of this region starts in the extremely beautiful Linha Verde (Green Line), the Oceanside road that connects the states of Bahia and Sergipe, and adds a unique beauty to the region, in a completely preserved environment.

    It is located along the coast and includes six pleasant inns and five large, high standard hotels managed by international chains. It sport infrastructure is very diverse and includes professional tennis courts, a gold course and a nautical center. It also has areas geared towards the carrying out of large scale events and conventions. Known for its exuberant nature, ecological excursions are organized to the woods, the rivers and the beaches for the tourists to get to know the natural beauties. Vila Nova da Praia is an attraction all in itself on the Costa do Sau?pe. Its architecture reproduces the typical villages of the state of Bahia on the fa?ades of houses, shops and restaurants. It is possible to learn more about Bahia art and folklore in the musical shows, dances, plastic art exhibits and arts and crafts workshops held there. If you like, there are tents available for the tourist to have massages or even have his/her Tarot cards read.

    travel forum
  2. WOW Anna realy great POST, Let me add to it some safety tips ….
    Kenoo, I think you will need as well some safety tip for your travel, brazilians are a peaceful and extremely friendly people  .
    However it is a pitty that petty crime is also very common, due to the extreme poverty of many people.
    The big risk a foreign visitor faces is, indeed, petty crime, or, more precisely, small robbery. If you left your things unattended at the beach, the chance of them being stolen is high  . If you walk in some unlit areas at night, the risk of hold-up exists. If you wear flashy gems, rings and expensive watches in some places, that would be too careless. 

    So, do not align on some exaggerated sense of insecurity. Do not allow worries about robbery to interfere with your travel. Just be vigilant, particularly in big cities. Get some advice at the hotel. Don?t forget small robbery risk, and avoid remote places, special at night. Take some basic precautions.

    Basic precautions

        * Do not act like a tourist. 

        * Ask for information about local safety and local precautions to be followed, at your hotel   reception.

        * Avoid jewels, expensive watches and all that can call undesired attentions. If you got nothing to be stolen, you can?t be robbed.

        * Don?t leave your things unattended (at airports, at beaches…).

        * Put your money and documents in your hotel safes. Use a photocopy of your ID documents (and of your passport), instead of originals.

        * Avoid lonely and clearly unsafe squares and streets, especially at night

        * Avoid crushes; avoid buses or tram in Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza and Sao Paulo. Taxis and metro are better options, in those cities.

        * Avoid unlicensed taxis. You can buy pre-paid taxi tickets at one of the various taxi offices, in airport arrival halls, and use them with licensed taxis.

    In my opinion you should follow these rules for all the big Brazilian cities. Robbery and hold-up perils are far more reduced, or practically inexistent, in other places and in most tourist resorts. There are many Brazilian destinations where you will feel extremely secure, with no beggars or the robbery risk. Brazil is a very big country, very diverse, and these places really exist.  For instance the place mentioned above by anna.

    Have a safe trip,

  3. Hi!!

    I went to Rio recently and I can garantee that Rio is safer than ever! I didn’t see any violence, but of course there are problems like all big cities in the world. In my opinion you can choose cities like Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Búzios, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Petópolis, Teresópolis (the last two ones are in the mountains), etc. They are all in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

    From Rio de Janeiro, in one or two hours by car or by bus you arrive there!

    In addition, if you are worried about violence I suggest you a private tour operator. The make your trip easier and safer (shuttle, tickets, suggestions, etc)! I used their services and I realy recommmend. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Buzios in undoubtedly a great place when i went there only all inclusive holidays packge i realll y enjoyed that place and there were so many people were there but i reallly did enjoy that.

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