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I have prepared a list of the safest  travel blog and most dangerous  travel blog countries in South America, Based on my opinion, and some opinions of my friends.


1. Uruguay
2. Chile
3. Argentina
4. Paraguay

Most Dangerous

1. Colombia
2. Brazil
3. Venezula
4. Peru
5. Bolivia

Can anyone Share his opinion, about what is the safest countries in south america, and what is the most dangerous Countries?

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  1. I haven’t been to all the countries in South America, but have been to Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Honesty, in general I felt safer anywhere in South America than I did in downtown Detroit or some places in Chicago.

    I did run into some problems in Bolivia with a skirmish between police and the army, but generally I understand they blow over pretty quickly, and the biggest problem most people run into in Bolivia is blockades messing up schedules.

  2. From my experience I would say that Brazil was safe enough, so long as you ar careful, but then that's the same for all Latin American countries.
     I don't understand how Chile is so far down the list of safest countries. I was always under the impression it was safest, and never encountered any problems or felt threatened there at all. Argentina was safe I agree and as far as I know so is Uruguay. The order of safeness is probably subjective.
    I have also heard that Columbia is among the most dangerous…


    Depends where you are I guess, who you are with and what you are doing. Asuncion can be very dangerous. (just like any other Latin American capital). A friend of mine had bullet wounds… got shot on the way back from school by some random bloke. Nearly died…. you can buy guns on the street….

    I think safety is a relative thing in these countries and depends, to a certain extent, more upon how you act and what you do than much else.

  3. Well Guys, I live in Venezuela.
    3 month ago, I have been to Columbia for 25 days and have visited a lot of other neighbouring South and Central American Countries.
    I can honestly say that at no time did I ever feel unsafe in Columbia. OK there are places inland that I wouldn't visit but the tourist areas and especially the coastal areas are fine. Really friendly people and a lot of English being spoken. Venezuela is the same, I wouldn't walk round some areas of Caracas as 4am in the morning, but hey I come from Leeds and lived for many years in Johannesburg and I wouldn't walk round some areas of those cities at 4am in the morning either. As with all travel, common sense prevails.
    Respect the people and their culture and you shouldn't have any problems at all.

  4. Thanks for information. I think Bolivia is the most dangerous country and Argentina is the safe country in South America.

  5. I’ve lived in Venezuela for 11 years…definitely high on the dangerous list. I now live in Uruguay…an easy 1 on the safest list.

  6. I have never been to these destinations but thanks for sharing the safe and dangerous places if in future i planing for a trip. I have been the America the only dangerous place is Texas. rest i think its say but not at night time if you are unaware of the place

  7. The only country that really proved to be unsafe for us, was Columbia. We experienced serious problems in several different regions of that country.
    Bolivia is a country which I visited for various times. It’s one of the safest places on the globe. Of course there are pickpockets in the larger cities. Just like everywhere else in the world.

  8. I think I will bring my bodyguard if I go, as every country has its very dangerous areas! Kidding aside, I will HAVE to go with a tour guide, which is not my style at all, but not speaking Spanish, and with reams of uncertainty, I’ll just have to do it. I’ve lived in Europe on my own and don’t like to travel with a group. But, S.A. is a whole other ball game!

  9. Oh my god. Some of you will just believe anything. First off lets spell Colombia just like I have. It does not have a U in it. Secondly I have travelled solo in Sth America to 2 years running. Never saw any trouble. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia (2 times – its as safe as), Peru, Ecuador, Colombia (2 times – safe as), and then I made my way through Central and North America. My only bit of advise is learn some basic Spanish and take a phrase book with you. As for ‘its dangerous’ I am female and in my later 40’s, slim build….bla bla. Maybe because I dont have a cocky attitude, walk like I know where I am going, even when I dont, and dont make the stupid mistake of getting drunk and trying to find my way back a to the hostel at 3am.

    Use your common sense, ask at the hostel about things you are unsure of and do a little research on the net before heading out the door. Dont let someone who has had a bad experience stop you from going. Sth America is amazing!!, and I fully intend to backpack the whole lot again – cant wait….whose coming??

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