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When outlining a Tanzanian Safari, there are two primary choices one needs to make: the first is whether you need a private safari or a shared/ group safari. A group safari in Tanzania is an extraordinary approach to meet new individuals and decrease costs (unless you are voyaging alone). On the other hand, a private safari is advantageous on the grounds that the value of distinction is not exceptionally huge (some of the time none whatsoever) and you’d have the capacity to profit from full schedule customization, go at your own cadence or pace and have all the more free space in a rented vehicle.

There are three types of safari tours to try in Tanzania and these are:

Budget Safari

– it is more affordable and the tour usually lasts 2 to 5 days, which involves camping out and game spotting. You must bring your own camping needs (tent, lamps, utensils, and provisions).A back to basic approach where you cook your own food and find your own ways to survive in the jungle.

Safaris in Tanzania

What to Anticipate:

The jeep tour safaris essentially require a 4×4 vehicle with the ultimate in wildlife game spotting furnished with outdoor supplies, driver, cook, and to pitch your own tent. At the point when going on a jeep tour safari, you can hope to camp out in the open camping areas, with extremely essential open washrooms utilizing light weight arch tents with slender sleeping pads.

First Class Safari

– it involves staying in 3 star hotels/lodges, sleeping in beds (no tent pitching), eating in restaurants and a visit to a Masai tribe village for comfortable accommodations.

What To Anticipate:

A group walking tour safaris out there in the savannah with well-trained guides and game spotters and backed up by a well maintained service vehicles and guides with an extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of the designated national parks and reserves.

De Luxe Safaris

– elegant and expensive, mostly done in groups and includes a service vehicle, a “fly-in safari” adventure and accommodations in a 5 star hotel with gourmet dining and “night safari”.

Safaris in Tanzania

What To Anticipate:

Top of the line safaris are perfect for individuals who need a definitive safari involvement in style. The thought of going into territories in their prime for extreme untamed life review is very much alike to the experience offered in the First Class Safari. The distinction between the two is that the majority of your journey is made via plane ride, and you will stay in top inns whose unlimited offices incorporate spa treatments, individual stewards, and so forth.

Numerous explorers visit Tanzania to witness the Serengeti’s massive migration of the wildebeest. Connected to the precipitation, this relocation of a large number of wildebeest – joined by other wild animals of Africa happens as the year progressed and follows a certain pattern during the summer months as they seek new lands to graze and find fresh sources of water.

A typical Tanzania ten day Safari Tour includes a journey into the wildlife game drives and the remote jungles involving a good game spotter/driver and guide that only registered tour operators can provide. This involves staying in the remote areas, watching the conduct and instincts of nature’s occupants from sun up until dusk. On a walking safari tour in the jungle, you will be fascinated by the landscapes of the typical African Tarangire; the beautiful colors, the expanses of thorny acacias and fabulous baobabs. Add to that a large number of animals, which are also relatively easy to see; you’ll have the chance to see a lion who enjoys a post-lunch nap on a tree, as well as getting close with a good number of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs, herds of buffalo, zebras, ostriches, etc. (In addition to a high amount of birds, including two different types of eagles). The tour agency puts the added value, which makes you appreciate even more the savannah of Tarangire which has a great number of tourists than other parks in the area.

Safaris in Tanzania

The basic 4 day safari is quite immense and the best part is the journey to the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. You can see a huge variety of animals and often at a distance of a few meters from the jeep! The interaction is fantastic and most guides know how to choose the right place at the right time to get to see the animals. That explains how you can easily see the “Big Five”, among many others. If you come during the season of the wildebeest migration there is a great chance that you will see them cross right in front of your jeep.

No vaccinations are needed by law to enter Tanzania if you hail from Europe or the US. But if you come from a nation where Yellow Fever is available you will need to be vaccinated before entering the country. An additional vaccine for rabies, polio, and tetanus is also further required at least 3 months before you arrive in Tanzania. Bring a mosquito repellant to avoid contracting malaria in some areas of the country. Don’t wear too much jewelry, avoid going out alone at night, don’t bring so much cash, and be sure to have your trusted guide deal with the locals especially when buying something.

When To Go:

The best time to go on a safari tour in Tanzania is during the long and dry summer season which starts in the middle of June until October. Rainfall does not usually occur during this time, but you need to bring enough drinking water and wide brimmed hats to dodge the sunlight and sunblock for skin protection against sunburn. This is the peak season and ideal time to go on a Safari tour.

Safaris in Tanzania

When Not To Go:

Because it is located along the southern part of the equator, the country is identified with hot tropical weather and the atmosphere changes extensively all throughout the year. The long rainy season occurs during the months of March until May. Evening tropical storms are the standard – which are heavier and more unsurprising adjacent to the movement of the coastal waters. During the low season, the humid air is always high and every day temperatures achieve the range of 30°s.

Here are the top Safari tour operators that you may contact while in Tanzania…

Easy Travel & Tours Ltd – Day Tours (Arusha)

Most travelers


Easy Travel & Tours Ltd – Day Tours

because they are quick to respond, precise and the price compared to the type of requested tour is good. Their main correspondent answers all of your questions and helps you build the safari that you always wanted. The accommodations are great and throughout the safari there are no hassles.

Easy Travel & Tours Ltd - Day Tours (Arusha)

The lodges and tented camps are of excellent quality, very clean and the food is always good. They have well experienced guides (and good drivers too) who will teach you so much about the animals and where to see them most (huge pack of lions with their cubs, cheetahs, and how to get up close with the leopards).

Roy Safaris Ltd. – Private Day Tours

If your choices are a bit meticulous when planning a safari tour in Tanzania, then you can rely on

Roy Safaris Ltd. – Private Day Tours

. Their package mostly consists of 10 days based on your budget and detailed requests. You can decide on your excellent choice to start and finish at the African Safari Tulip hotel headquarters, where Roy usually makes the initial briefing and where the safari experience also concludes.

Roy Safaris Ltd - Private Day Tours

They offer great accommodations; a mixture of lodge tented camps with great food and service. The resident guide, Charles, deserves all the congratulations and thanks because he comes well prepared with an appropriate response to each question, kind, friendly, attentive to every need and satisfaction of his clients.

Waterbuck Safaris Day Tours (Dar Es Salaam)


Waterbuck Safaris Day Tours (Dar Es Salaam)

offers a 3 day tour of the Mikumi National Park from Dar Es Salaam and vice versa. The Mikumi National Park has a very limited presence of giraffes, elephants and impalas. The remarkable ones are the zebras and wildebeests.

Waterbuck Safaris Day Tours (Dar Es Salaam)

It is a great place to spend a few days photographing animals in this park. The package safari tour includes for 3 days; pick-up and transfer customized to Mikumi on board a Toyota Land Cruiser with Safari Open Top available. It includes entrance for two days at the park, two nights at the Swiss Lodge Mikumi on half board (breakfast and dinner), picnic box, food and water.

Nyange Adventures Ltd. – Private Day Tours (Moshi)

If you’re in Moshi City and you need to arrange a Safari Tour, do not hesitate to contact Sara and Matthew of the

Nyange Adventures Ltd. – Private Day Tours

. They can arrange a week long safari that consists of 3 days and 4 nights of Kilimanjaro Walking Tour Safari. It is truly an unforgettable holiday, the organization is very good and the staff with their guides always give their best aside from being really helpful and friendly.

Nyange Adventures Ltd - Private Day Tours (Moshi)

You’ll never have problems because they are always attentive to their client’s every need. Everything is well planned and organized starting from the; 4×4, driver / guide, cook, tents, sleeping bags, and everything you need for an overnight safari. During the safari, they will take good care of you. Rashidi, the official guide knows the best places to see animals and how to spot them. They have great itineraries for the best Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing/walking tour safari expedition.

Eco & Culture Tours (Stone Town)

While you’re in the city of Stone Town, you can choose the Safari services of the

Eco & Culture Tours

. The agency offers 2 day excursions to Zanzibar with dolphins, Jozani Forest of “Prison Island” and the Spice Tour. The official guide, Adam, will make you discover the beauty of this island and have a taste of authentic African culture. From the Safari tour in the Mikumi, everything is done on board the Tanzania’s Dar Mikumi jeep.

Eco & Culture Tours

The trip is quite difficult, but you will be able to discover the landscapes and villages of Africa that you would not have seen if you left by plane from Dar directly to Mikumi. The jeep arrives at the Reserve Mikumi with the guide and driver, Tom. From where you are parked, you can already appreciate the beauty of these animals in the wild in an extraordinary nature.

Cheetah’s Rock Safari Tour (Zanzibar)

You can make this safari tour on your own and rent a car for an hour to visit this park. It is a real pleasure to visit this beautiful park and receive a good explanation about the wildlife animals here from the site owner. The animals here on the

Cheetah’s Rock Safari Tour

live like kings and are superbly handled by a passionate and amazing woman named Jenny.

Cheetah's Rock Safari Tour (Zanzibar)

If you love animals, visit this exceptional safari tour in the city of Zanzibar. It’s not every day that you can approach lemurs, a zebra, a monkey, but here, you can stroke a purring cheetah. But the thing that makes the experience even stronger is that you can have a good time and the animals too. Jenny loves these animals and prefers to keep them in cages than being out there in the wild and take the risk of letting people approach or see poachers hunt them.

Serengeti Sange Safari – Private Day Tour (Mwanza)


Serengeti Sange Safari – Private Day Tour

is a team of reliable guides that offers great safari tours in the town of Mwanza. Their guide Moses will lead your way into the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro National Park. Mosses makes the tour well organized and is completely trustworthy and you do not have to worry here because you can see many incredible animals, including the Big Five.

Serengeti Sange Safari - Private Day Tour (Mwanza)

The tour offers camping for two days and also a 2 day stay in a lodge that Moses has chosen (a choice between Rhino Lodge and the Mbalageti Lodge). Apart from this, the price-performance ratio is really reasonable.

Tatanca Safari Tours (Iringa)


Tatanca Safari Tours

provides a great tour of the town of Iringa and the Ruaha National Park. It is a wildlife park that is beautiful, large, and pristine with stunning scenery. It is quite far from the tourist circuits that are worth going here to spend a bit of time to enjoy its spectacular views. The agency offers three nights of safari tour here.

Tatanca Safari Tours (Iringa)

In a full day of safari you may cross the safari with the use of one jeep. You can see many animals, lions (usually two pairs that are less than 5 meters from the jeep!), herds of elephants, giraffes, gazelles, rhinos and hippo. Even a wild leopard comes very close. The park has a number of felines greater than all the parks of Africa. About 20% of African wild cats live here.

Usambara Adventures – Private Day Tours (Lushoto)


Usambara Adventures –Private Day Tours

is an organized safari/ trekking in the mountains and wilderness of Lushoto headed by Said Salim. The well-equipped backpacking tour by Said begins by meeting up with him at the bus station.

Usambara Adventures - Private Day Tours (Lushoto)

He knows his way in and around the town and even along the trekking expedition, he knows a lot about the mountain, its history, culture, urban legends, flora and fauna, and the wild animals that he normally encounters along the mountains of Lushoto (Mt. Usambara). He speaks good English and has an innate love of nature and people. He is also the one in charge of the cooking and the cost of his tour package is fair and reasonable enough.

Selous Game Reserve – Watu Safaris (Morogoro)

The boat ride on the lake to reach the

Selous Game Reserve

by the

Watu Safaris

is a beautiful experience. You will immediately see hippos, crocodiles, and lots of birds. There are several groups of grazers on the banks. During the game drives you can see regular lions.

Selous Game Reserve - Watu Safaris (Morogoro)

The same cannot be said of the zebra, wildebeest and kudu that runs away when they see the safari jeep of Watu. Furthermore, you can see elephants, buffaloes, special gazelles, leopards and wild dogs. You can also see all kinds of birds there, in all colors and in large numbers.

Saadani National Park (Tanga)

Saadani National Park (Tanga)

The private safari tour of the

Saadani National Park

is a unique spectacle. The reserve of “Saadani” has animals that go as far as the ocean. Along the way you can stop at the ancient Bagamoyo, Arab port and then an important German colony, as well as being the first capital of Tanzania. Two days are ideal for safaris and a stay in their eco-lodge. After seeing the animals in the wild, you can transfer along the coast to the village of Pangani, to relax on the beach and know the community.

Afro Whale Shark Safari (Mafia Island)

Afro is the young man who will accompany you to do the whale shark safari in this part of Tanzania and only he can make this meeting a very special event. During the tour, he imparts the message of how important it is to respect these animals and love them without disturbing their place with human presence. He can accompany you on the boat along with a colleague and develop immediate rapport and friendship. The

Afro Whale Shark Safari

on Mafia Island teaches patience and tranquility, love and respect for animals.

Afro Whale Shark Safari (Mafia Island)

Hiring a Safari Tour in Tanzania is an eye opening experience and a great option to admire the wildlife animals of the country. It is really worth to rely on them because they know their land and introduce it to those who decide to visit it with seriousness and professionalism without forgetting the human dimension of the wildlife encounter in Tanzania.

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