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Nairobi, Kenya is one of the most amazing places to enjoy a safari tour of Africa’s wilderness. Stroll on the edge of Kenya’s capital city, just 10-15 minutes outside of town and you’ll be able to see lions, rhinos, and a great deal more. The Nairobi National Park is full of fun activities and contains nearly everything that you’d see in the other remote parks, aside from elephants. The Safari Tours and territories range from open grass fields to rough river channels and tropical rainforest, over an immense number of birds and wildlife species. It takes 3-4 hours to get around and see the majority of the recreation center.

There are ten types of Safari Tours that you can try along the land of Nairobi:

Wild Safari

This wildlife safari tour is a haven for wildlife fans, offering a mixture of Kenyan creatures and housing to suit everyone. Choose from low-budget camping sites, reasonably situated cabins or first-class extravagance luxury hotels – there’s something for everybody to appreciate. The most well-known of all of Kenya’s parks is the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Its wild safari tour will help you discover most of the untamed wildlife of Nairobi.

Safaris in Nairobi

Fly-In Safari

Fly-in safaris are an ideal way to experience Nairobi’s greatness and magnificence. When you arrange these types of safaris, you will be flown from one hotel or camp, then on to the next, depending on the schedule you have picked. The majority of the country’s national parks and adventure sites have their own private runways. Your pilot will be a qualified guide that stays with you for the length of the safari. The cabins and camps you will stay in are some of the best lodging available in the Kenyan wilderness.

Hot-air Balloon Safaris

This safari is best suited for the traveler who wants an out of this world perspective of Kenya’s wildlife. Hot-air safaris are especially well known in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The hot air balloon provides a one of a kind elevated perspective of the untamed life and scenery beneath. The best reward is the sunset scene as it will acquaint you with the fabulous colors, sounds and sights that Nairobi’s wildlife is famous for.

Road Safaris

Hit the roads from Nairobi’s primary urban communities and towns and travel into the game territories. A road safari is the ideal way to view the excellent wildlife scene. Mostly done in group safaris, this is best if you have a tight budget and want to see numerous territories in one package safari tour.

Bird Watching Safaris

In a nation blessed with more than 800 types of bird species, you will appreciate brilliant bird movement in Nairobi especially along the Maasai Mara, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, and Mount Kenya National Park.

Safaris in Nairobi

Adventure Safaris

Perfect for the individual who appreciates adrenaline surges and rushes, these safaris combine nature with risk. Ballooning, mountain climbing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, stallion riding and even camel processions comprise this type of safari.

Scenic Safaris

These are photography based safaris that allow tourists to focus on the scene and vistas as they would in natural life. Photograph the rough mountains, volcanoes, savannahs, bushes, semi-deserts, lavish valleys and impressive landscapes that make for fantastic perspectives.

Beach Safaris

Beach safaris are best enjoyed in the middle of Lamu and Malindi to the north and Diani and Ukunda to the south. Here you will find extended areas of sublime shorelines for you to explore.

Cultural Safaris

Learn about Kenya’s people and have an opportunity to collaborate with local people while being educated on their traditions and customs. In between the safaris, you will get to meet the tribes of Maasai, Samburu, and Turkana.

Safaris in Nairobi

Honeymoon Safaris

Designed for newly married couples who want to spend private time in the wild hedges or shorelines of Africa. Envision the two of you, alone on your private review deck in a cabin, a flask of champagne in an ice pail, with the qualities of the savannah and the loftiness of Nairobi’s way of life spread around you. Be at peace, in love, in serenity – away from everything.

During the safari, it is fine to wear short clothing during the day, but in the evening, cover up to protect yourself from insects. If you want to bring gifts (pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.) for children, do so during the safari. You will encounter those who need it most (lots of indigent children are located west of Tsavo and around Amboseli and Watamu) and the tour agency will help you travel across hundreds of miles of dirt roads to bring it to the children who will appreciate your gift.

When To Go:

The ideal time to go on a Safari in Nairobi and see the many varieties of wildlife is from July to October, the time of the yearly migration of many wildebeest, zebra, and gnu. Their predators follow close behind. Most of the national parks in Nairobi are likewise amazing and it is strongly suggested to see these during the humid seasons: January – March and July until October.

When Not To Go:

Safaris in Nairobi

There are two different stormy seasons that happen in Nairobi. The first occurs during the spring months of April and May and is called the ‘long blustery’ season. April is the wettest month and produces eight inches of downpour on a normal day. The other stormy period happens between the second weeks of October up to the end of December; known as the “short” blustery season. November sees about five inches of downpour. If you don’t like to be inconvenienced by floods, canceled flights, and muddy treks along the mountain, avoid planning your safari adventure in these months.

With its rich wildlife conservation parks, Nairobi is a destination for safaris. These are the safari tour companies and agencies that you must contact while in Nairobi:

Julius Tact Safaris – Private Day Trips

The Safari adventure provided by the

Julius Tact Safaris – Private Day Trips

exceed expectations, as every part of the tour is perfect. Choose the lodge within the parks and receive the quality of an everyday hotel. Julius, usually suggests the Ngulia Lodge (T West), Oltukai (Amboseli), and the You Lodge (T East). His vehicle is a Jeep instead of a classic truck with canopy. The guides are professional game spotters who search out animals and are very courteous and helpful throughout the trip.

Julius Tact Safaris - Private Day Trips

The lodges are perfect and include services and food. You just need to keep up with the many transfers. From Diani in Tsavo West it is at least 5 hours and a half. From Tsavo West to Amboseli; 4 hours through a spectacular dirt track (dirt road but well beaten) full of Masai villages. The walking safari tour along the Tsavo West is done around the bushes which may obstruct your view, but you can see hippos and crocodiles in full view. At the Amboselli, especially with all that vast expanse of green grass, there is still a high visibility of animals even at long distances. Tsavo East has the best and most animals to see even if it’s near the coast.

Natural World Kenya Safaris


Natural World Kenya Safaris

offers a seven-day tour of Nairobi where you can explore three wonderful parks: Samburu, Lake Nakuru, and Masai Mara. Accommodation is provided at Lodge Ashnil. The Safari Parks tour is spectacular and the guide, Philip knows how to show all of the big five and will do everything to make your safari trip truly memorable and successful.

Natural World Kenya Safaris

The driver, Samuel, (or Sammy), knows the road by heart and will show you authentic African sunsets and sunrises in spectacular colors. The beautiful silence is only broken by the sounds of animals. The expanses of green meadows, as well as lakes you do not expect to see, make an unforgettable experience. You can trust Mr. Humphrey and his team of knowledgeable guides to make the best of your Safari Tour in Nairobi.

Wildlife Kenya Safaris – Day Trips

For an enjoyable Safari tour of Nairobi, try the

Wildlife Kenya Safaris –Day Trips

. The price is very affordable and you can have a safari for $1,770 per person (approximately EUR 1,250). The tour starts on their minivan with a visit to the Masai Mara. It is very exciting to see the lions up close. It continues to Lake Nakuru (where you can see the white rhinos), Amboseli (finally the elephants!), Tsavo East, and Tsavo West.

Wildlife Kenya Safaris - Day Trips

You can sleep in tents or in the Lodge. Two nights at Siana Spring can be gorgeous, but less pleasant for the food while two nights at Kibo Safari Camp near Amboseli has a less extensive tent and stuffy mosquito nets, but there are nice little monkeys and decent food. In terms of the lodges, the Lake Nakuru Lodge has a lovely pool and you can see an entertainment show in the evening; the Ngulia Safari Camp features beautiful apartments.

F. King Tours and Safaris – Day Tours

There are lots of Safari Tour Agencies in Nairobi, but the one drawn up by Farid, owner of the

F. King Tours and Safaris – Day Tours

is the most comprehensive. It also has the best price, and because it is on a private basis, everything is included in the price. This includes tented camps / lodge, lunches / dinners, transfers, chauffeur, and dinner at the Carnivore as well as the use of off-road and not the usual Toyota van.

F. King Tours and Safaris - Day Tours

Farid does not usually charge for anything in advance and you can pay for it upon arrival in Nairobi. Farid is friendly and efficient, giving fast answers throughout the tour. The driver, Ashim is great to ride in the bush with and the guide, Oscar is kind and a real naturalist. You will have an opportunity to see many animals, including an entire lion family.

Go Kenya Tours and Safaris – Day Trips

Go Kenya Tours and Safaris Day Trips

is a reliable organization with beautiful game drives. They specialize in 8 day safari tours around Nairobi points of interests (Samburu, Aberdare, Mt Kenya, Nakuru, and Maasai Mara). The guides know the roads and parks well and it is great fun to do the game drive with their trained game spotter and guide. The tour offers excellent value for your money.

Go Kenya Tours and Safaris - Day Trips

You will stay at the beautiful Lodge Ngulia with the sighting of leopards just a few meters away and sleep in tent camps following a pleasant tour of the Sentrim nell’Amboseli overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro (40Km). There’s also an adventure through the exciting Ndololo in Tsavo East in the middle of the savannah where elephants roam freely along the embankments.

Kenya Incentive Tours & Safaris – Day Tours

Benjamin and his team of guides from

Kenya Incentive Tours & Safaris – Day Tours

will warmly welcome you into their country. They are responsive, thoughtful and well-organized and Benjamin speaks many languages including a good level of English. He and his team are able to adapt quickly to client requests to organize a walking safari tour in the jungles of Nairobi.

Kenya Incentive Tours & Safaris

You can select your own lodges even if on a tight budget. Their safaris are great, and you will discover many animals, including elephants in Amboseli amidst a magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro, buffaloes, zebras and wildebeest in the two reserves, as well as giraffe, cheetah, and leopards. The safari tour of the Lake Neivasha is also very nice; there are flamingos and hippos in the lake, a great variety of birds, and beautiful scenery!

Lion Trails Safaris – Day Tours


Lion Trails Safaris – Day Tours

offers a personalized service in their safari tour packages. The owner, Bernard is very cordial, helpful and can answer all your needs during a safari adventure in Nairobi.

Lion Trails Safaris - Day Tours

The agency has expert safari guides and very friendly drivers. At the end of the tours, Bernard will contact you personally to make sure everything had gone well. The Lion Trails are highly recommended because of their professionalism, treatment, and flexibility to adapt to the best option according to availability. They have a custom itinerary designed for two or three day safaris covering the National Parks of Nairobi.

Explorer Kenya – Safari Day Tours

With the help of the

Explorer Kenya – Safari Day Tours

you can make an unforgettable 8 day journey through Nairobi. The tour covers two days at the Maasai Mara, one in Nakuru, one at Amboseli, Tsavo West, and one to two days in Diani Beach. All facilities can be booked with Robert, who will make sure they meet all of your expectations about Safari expeditions, both for rooms and for food (which is a mix of European and Indian).

Explorer Kenya - Safari Day Tours

The guide, Nick, is perfect: kind, helpful, friendly and competent. He is always ready to give plenty of information on what you are about to experience. The cost of the holiday (private tour for two with Jeep 4×4) is in line with other agencies, but certainly the quality of the trip and the professionalism of the guide are above average.

Bruno Safaris – Day Tours

A one day safari in Shimba Hills can be best enjoyed with

Bruno Safaris-Day Tours

. You can see the Big Five and other animals as you appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of Martin and Pope. The walking tour of the hills of Shimba can be admired for their beautiful landscapes, lush green and commanding views of the horizon. You can choose a safari tour for 3 days / 2 nights with lodging at the Royal Mara Maasai Mara Lodge.

Bruno Safaris - Day Tours

Accommodations can be arranged in advance and online, and you pay a 10 percent deposit by international transfer with the balance upon arrival at the hotel. Once there, you will arrange an appointment with Martin. The tour covers a journey to the reserve of the Maasai Mara where you can start the safari experience and see animals like elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, and various types of deer. The driver is very friendly and is also a great game spotter that knows where to find the lions and cheetah when they are hiding.

African Home Adventure Day Tours


African Home Adventure Day Tours

offers 8 day tours with an awesome guide and affordable safari packages. The funny driver /guide named George Otieno will make your safari experience an educational and engaging one. The accommodation and food are perfect. The parks have their own cooks and when you go on the route you can eat at the buffet food bars for tourists. You will become enamored with George, who knows all of the animals and make the long travel between the parks very entertaining. You can also see the migration of Gnus and enjoy the world of nature in all its glory. This agency is highly recommended for their great prices, excellent customer focus and commitment to the environment. They are especially known for the driver-guide that makes everything possible and makes your Safari Tour in Nairobi an unforgettable adventure.

African Home Adventure Day Tours

To have a successful safari experience, take the time to choose the best Nairobi Safari Tour agency that you can find. Most offer excellent services from the safari tour operators as well as their guides and associates. You will surely be delighted, thrilled, surprised and amused, as you immerse yourself in a sense of wonder from seeing the wild animals and being in Nairobi, Kenya – even once in your life.

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