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What to pack a big question for most holidays, and when it’s something different or unique like a safari it can be more bewildlering so here’s some suggestions. This isn’t a must have list or fully comprehensive, just some suggestions and points to consider.


Nothing will explain to your friends back home what you saw or how close the lion was than some great photos. Do you need a top of the range with all the bells and whistles camera? No, if you’ve got one great, if you buy one 3 days before your safari chances are you won’t be familiar with it and you may have not bothered. Even the cheaper digital cameras these days offer zooms and picture clarity which was unthought of some years back. Personally I have a quite nice Nikon camera but i’m quite fond of the camera on my phone, which of course through twitter, facebook and email allows for instant gloating about your safari prowess.

DO NOT FORGET: Charger, batteries and extra memory stick


Malaria Prophylactics and Insect repellent

Kruger National Park is a malaria area, and prophylactics are strongly recommended. However if you can prevent bites not only do you lower any malaria risk you also don’t spend your safari with scratching itchy bites. So good insect repellent, they are widely available and come as creams, sprays, and within the citronella natural range even soaps, shower gels and washing powders. Don’t forget to keep reapplying throughout the day, and a high percentage of bites occur around the ankle, the skin is nice and soft and often exposed.

Cover Up:

Long sleeves and full length troursers for pre-dusk and into the evening, again not being bitten is preferable.

Sun protection:

Sun hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, it’s hot, you can be exposed to the sun a lot, keep re-covering with sun cream.


Comfortable shoes

If you are planning a game walk at all you’ll need covered shoes (no sandals), hiking boots are not necessary though, the terrain will be uneven but your not walking at a great pace and not usually covering great distances. Trainers or sports shoes would work perfectly well,

While on game drive your shoes will not be getting a lot of wear and tear, when you disembark the vehicle paths may be gravel or even just dirt so again practical and comfortable.

Warm Jumpers or coat

Yes relative to most places it is warm or even hot year round, but an early morning game drive and open vehicle is a chilly affair!

Day to day clothing

Obviously depends on whether you are visiting in the middle of summer or winter but as rule; layers. As mentioned it’s chilly on an open vehicle game drive in the morning, but it can be hot in the middle of the day, so for comfort throughout the day it good to be able to strip down and build up the layers again.

Day Bag

Small rucksack or holdall or any kind of bag to keep all your stuff in during the day, you’ll need your insect repellent, sun cream and a bottle or two of water during the day.

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