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Hello everyone,

Am planning to go to Kenya in this December for a 7 days safari probably starting from the 19th or 20th. I have been planning this trip for quite some time and i have decided to finally do it. Masai mara, i have heard a lot of it is one of the destinations i will be visiting. I understand that going as a group will be the best idea since it saves cost. I want to send a shout out there to anybody interested to join me on this adventure, you are welcome . Am open to any suggestions.

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  1.   I  wish you the best in the kenya trip and i belive you guys will enjoy the beautiful destinations in kenya
      Global bush

  2. hey karibu kenya, glad to hear you will be visiting the maasai mara its one unforgetable experience, my question is would you be willing to join an existing camping group?



  3. That is very nice that you are going to Kenya safari. You will enjoyed a lot there I am little bit busy otherwise I would joined you. Have a safe journey.
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    I think your trip is over. I also want to go for kenya. can you send me more details for kenya?flag1

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