Rwanda Gorilla Tour

Rwanda Gorilla TourRwanda is world famous for its mountain gorillas. Gorillas are the most intelligent animal on our planet. Wildlife fascinates me. It’s great to know that gorillas could share emotions just the way humans do and watching them live is always a great experience. You should have this experience at least once in your lifespan. I bet that it would be one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of your life. I did my Rwanda Gorilla tour last year. It was a five -day tour. It was the best thing I did in my entire life. I am very happy with the moments and experiences that I earned from my tour.

My journey started from Kigali Airport. It is situated in the Northern Province of Rwanda. My safari guide picked me up from the airport. He briefed me about my safari on the way to my hotel. I had my lunch in my hotel. After lunch, my safari guide met me and told me that they had added me in a group. I was an alone traveler and I was happy that some other people would be there with me in this great journey. Now we were a group of ten people. Our safari guide took us for a city tour. We visited some handicraft shops. Every piece was a masterpiece. I must say that the people of Kigali are very talented. We also watched some pottery projects. The Kigali potters are blessed with great creative minds. They bring lots of creativity to their every project. It was fun to be around them.

We also visited Gisozi Genocide Memorial. It was a very interesting and emotional experience. Over 250,000 people were buried here during genocide. You could read their stories and the witnesses’ accounts. It is the heart of Kigali. Don’t leave Kigali without visiting this place. After this, we were taken back to the hotel. We all were very excited for the next day because we were supposed to go to Ruhengeri.

We woke up early in the morning and had our breakfast. After breakfast, we left for Ruhengeri. On the way to Ruhengeri, we Rwanda Gorilla Tour

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came in contact with base of some splendid volcanoes. They were really spectacular. Our safari guide took us to the Volcanoes Rwanda Gorilla TourNational Park. This park is very well organized and provides home to many Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys. Both of them are endangered species. This park is doing a great job to make life better for them. As per schedule, we started the golden monkey track. These are the most endangered species. I was going to see them for the very first time. I had not seen them even on television. We all were filled with great eagerness. It took us about three hours to reach the top and the view was amazing. Golden monkeys are really very cute and they are rarely found anywhere except this place. Well, the view was worth our effort!

We enjoyed a lot. We spent rest of the day in relaxing our body and mind for the next day. On the third day of our safari, we were made-up to do Gorilla trekking. We all were very excited to see Gorillas. We started Gorilla trekking with great enthusiasm. It generally takes about 7-8 hours to reach the top. It was a long way but our excitement made us keep going. When we reached at the top, we got stunned at the view. We saw many gorillas walking here and there. The most amazing moment was when we saw a mother gorilla holding her baby gorilla. That was very interesting and wonderful view of gorillas. I was so amazed to know that the gorillas also share their emotions and that too in a wonderful way. The moments were magical. It was a lifetime experience. You must visit this place to see how beautifully these animals share their emotions. You could clearly see their anxiety, happiness, frustration on their faces.

Gorillas are wild and huge in size but they are harmless. You might have watched them on Discovery or National Geographic Channel but watching them live is completely a different and amazing experience. Volcanoes National Park is a great tourist spot. There is great flora and fauna in the park which adds to its beauty. It’s a good photo- site too. We clicked many photos and enjoyed to our fullest. After this, our safari guide took us back to the hotel. We all were very much exited for the next day.

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Next morning, we had our breakfast in the hotel and then left for Park headquarters. Our safari guide was waiting for us at the park headquarters. We met him and proceeded to Mount Bisoke Crater Lake Hike. Mount Bisoke is an erupted volcano which now supports a magnificent crater lake. The trail is steep and takes about four hours to reach to the crater. However, the time actually depends upon the fitness of the climber. It took me about four hours to reach the crater. The view of the Crater Lake Rwanda Gorilla Tourwas breathtaking. It was the most splendid natural beauty that I have ever seen. The view is worth the effort. You must watch this flawless beauty. It would take your breath away. After spending some time on the Crater Lake, we set back to our hotel.

I was very happy with my tour and looking forward to the next day. Next day, we left the hotel after breakfast. Mgahinga National Gorilla Park was our destination for the day. It is situated in Kisoro district of Uganda. We crossed the Rwanda-Uganda border at Cyanika. Then we headed to Kisoro. Mgahinga National Park provides haven for mountain gorillas in its dense forests. This Park has three conical peaks. There are caves formed by lava in some steep mountains. It is great to get inside. These caves were used by the people to protect themselves during war time. Looted treasures were also stored in these caves. I wanted to hike these peaks but I had to wait for the next day because it was raining.

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We went to the Bunyonyi Lake which is situated outside the park. This lake gives a magnificent view. Its fabulous beauty attracts many tourists. It is Africa’s second deepest lake and is incredibly beautiful. It is an unforgettable scenic. I just loved this Lake. If you are planning a gorilla tour, do not forget to visit this lake. It is awe-inspiring. We spent some wonderful time on this lake and then moved back to our hotel.

Next day, we all were very excited for the hiking. We reached the park at time. We decided to hike Muhavura peak. It is the highest peak of this park. We were enjoying his hiking. It took us about 6 hours to reach the top. We had to put lots of effort to be at the top. The view from the top was stunning. The water of Crater Lake was crystal clear. The flora and fauna around the Crater Lake were enhancing its beauty. This place gives the splendid views of Uganda and Rwanda. You would love this wonderful beauty. You must plan a Rwanda Gorilla Tour to capture the best glance of natural beauty. We also did gorilla trekking. It was great to watch them again. It was our last activity of this tour. All of us were extremely happy with this unforgettable journey. We went back to our hotel. We exchanged our contact numbers.

Next day, our safari guide took us back to Kagali Airport. It was a lifetime experience. Every moment of this tour was wonderful. You must go to Rwanda once in your lifespan. This place is worth it. Rwanda gorilla tours are always filled with lots of adventure and unmatched natural beauty. You would spend some money to earn life’s best moments and you would love to narrate the stories of your travel to your friends and beloved one’s.

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