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Advise please! My parents want to travel to Russia for their 50th wedding anniversary. They are old but relatively fit and adventurous. Can anyone suggest some good hotels and perhaps main sights to visit. They want to visit St. Petersburg and perhaps another town, maybe even Moscow if it is not too complicated. Because of their age they can’t walk everywhere so looking for an easy but exciting touring option for them. Thank you for your help!

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  1. Perhaps they might consider a river cruise. You can get a boat from Moscow to St. Petersburg, it takes about a week and you see a lot of Russia along the way, everyday there are short excursions in different towns, which if they are relatively fit they can probably manage fine. On board they can relax, watch the scenery and the food onboard is usually all-inclusive.

  2. Great advice! I’ve been on a Russian river cruise on the Volga (on the Volga Dream) – all in all I can say it was very relaxing but also there are enough things to see and do along the way to make you really feel you are getting into the Russian culture. Also so for a wedding anniversary it makes a very romantic holiday and for old timers (I myself am in my mid-50s…) it’s a very relaxing trip.

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