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Me and my boyfriend had been planning for a very long time to visit an exotic place. After taking suggestions and researching on the internet, we decided on the Rossland, British Columbia, because it had a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities and perfect climate.

Rossland, British Columbia - Our Perfect Trip

If you are someone who likes the outdoors then British Columbia should and must be on your bucket list of places to visit. The temperate climate allows you to do different kinds of activities and enjoy the wonderful scenery it has to offer. When in British Columbia the question is not figuring out what to do, but how to do it all!

Tucked high into the Monashee Mountains, Rossland is a city in the Western Kootenay region of British Columbia. Rossland is known to be the “Mountain Bike Capital of Canada” and is located at an elevation of 1023 meters. We landed into Spokane WA International Airport and hired a car to Rossland which was just two and half hours away.

My boyfriend and I are avid outdoor people and we were really looking forward to our holiday at Rossland. There was an abundance of outdoor activities we had read about and we were really keen to start our holiday.

Rossland, British Columbia - Our Perfect Trip

We had carried our bikes with us and started our day with the Seven Summits Trail. The Seven Summit Trail is a 30.4 kilometer ride that took us along seven major peaks within a half hour ascent. The ride was indeed a challenge but along the way we passed some of the most beautiful mountain vistas, rideable yet challenging descents and climbs. The climb was approximately 3000 feet and it took us approximately seven hours. Taking water and food with us was a must, as along the way we were told that there was no water source. The trail had a lots of ups and downs but was totally worth it .The views from the mountains was absolutely spectacular. It was a grueling ride, but going from the north to the south the trend was mostly downhill. The uphill parts of the trail required a substantial amount of lugging and pushing. After the invigorating seven hours the Seven Summits Trail was indeed worth adding onto our resume of trails biked. This is one trail I would definitely ride again. The sheer experience of the trail was hard but totally and absolutely worth the effort.

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Rossland, British Columbia - Our Perfect Trip

The next day we wanted to relax a bit and get reenergized after our biking trip. The other thing on our agenda was to do a bit of whale watching. The waters of British Columbia are home to Grey Whales and Orca’s all year round. Watching these majestic creatures thrash and play about in the water made us just gaze with absolute amazement. We were quite close and took some lovely photographs of these wonderful yet gigantic creatures. I was dumb struck to actually be able to witness the enormity of these mammals.

The other way of enjoying these splendid creatures was by Kayaking in the water. The entire experience was truly awe inspiring, as we were surrounded by nothing but the gorgeous mountains, the sublime weather and the waters with a pod of whales. We got to get very close to the whales without disturbing them .Whales by themselves are naturally curious creatures and some actually did approach the boat. The guides have keen knowledge and keep a close watch on the movement of the whales so when in British Columbia one always gets to see whales. It was an experience we will never forget.

Rossland, British Columbia - Our Perfect Trip

Fishing in British Columbia we were told was second to none. Whatever kind of fishing we wanted to try -fly fishing, ice fishing, casting or trolling, Rossland had it all to offer. Ten minute drive from Rossland is the mighty Columbia River which is home to one of the hottest Rainbow Trout Fisheries in the world. The free flowing section of the Columbia River stretches from Hugh Keensleyside Dam to the US border and is about 26 miles. The river is extremely fast .The Rainbow Trout’s can weight upto 7 pounds atleast. It was great casting off, standing against the gushing waters. I managed to catch a White Sturgeon but had to release it, as they are meant only for catch and release. We spent the entire day fishing first in The Columbia River and then went to Christina Lake too. The area surrounding these water bodies were beautiful. There was plenty of wildlife too in the surrounding forests and we were keen to hike through some of the trails.

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We also decided to experience the beauty of the Kootenay Mountain Range on horseback. There are various multi -use trails and the entire day we spent cantering up and down the mountains enjoying a lovely picnic lunch and admiring the view. The region is so calm and peaceful that we forgot where we were .It was a perfect way to see and explore the mountain ranges.

Since it was spring in Rossland, we wanted to do a bit of white water rafting too and contacted the Nelson White Water Rafting Company. It was great fun. All they told us was to dress comfortably and bring a towel along and the rest they provided. We had a lovely day rafting through the rapids. The guides are very experienced and knew the waters very well. It was perfect for a lovely spring day.

Rossland, British Columbia - Our Perfect Trip

Rossland has many hiking trails and we decided to hike the Christina Trail. This trail is basically a recreational trail, used by bikers, hikers and back packers to explore the surroundings of Rossland. The trail provided us a fabulous view of the alpine meadows, rock cliffs and mountain peaks. The trail is about 20 kilometers. From right above we got to see Christina Lake too. We couldn’t complete the entire trail hiking as it was too long. Had we taken our bikes we could have. The entire day we spent hiking most of the trail and reached Mount St.Thomas which is about 2038 meters .We carried lunch with us and the beauty was that there was no food prints, nothing. Basically, whatever we brought we had to carry back as there was no question of leaving it anywhere.

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On the last day we decided to take a tour of Rossland and visit the Le Roi Gold Mine, which is an underground genuine hardrock gold mine. The tour was fascinating. We then walked to the Miners Hall and visited Rossland’s Historical Museum. Since we had heard a lot about the golf courses in Rossland, we decided to go to The Rossland Trail Country Club, which is located on the banks of the Columbia River and offers an 18 hole Birchbank Course. The view from the country club was spectacular. The Monashee Mountains and the Selkirk looked stunning all round the course. The course was maintained beautifully with its pristine fairways and manicured greens. It was a day indeed well spent.

Rossland is indeed nature’s paradise. The beauty about the place is that everyone who lives there respects nature and they are truly one with nature. The peace and tranquility we experienced during our holiday was well worth it all. We came back energized, happy and calm!

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