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So, Romania is one of the few places in the world outside of America / England that i've actually been to, and i have to say i thought it was an amazing country! I stayed in the Capital , Bucharest, for 1 week when i was on a youth exchange project. As a result, i spent almost the entire time within the city, and obviously didn't have as much time to explore as one might have hoped. However Bucharest is a City that boasts spectacular Architecture , and is home to Europes largets building, second only in the world to the Pentagon :

Tour of Ceau?escu's Palace in Bucharest, Romania

 , Ceau?escu's Palace. Outside of the city, Romania has beautiful castles scattered about the country. I was fortunate enough to visit Peles Castle, a truly amazing castle that is in equally beautiful countryside ( and the mountains of Romania, which are incredible, and have remenants of Snow all year round ( i visited in august and saw a few patches of snow in crevaces on the mountainside) . We took a cable car up the mountain, and passed through a storm cloud. It was so exciting! Seriously, if you get a chance to visit Romania, i'd take it! Cheesy

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    Romania sounds a really cool place to travel 
    The Palace in Bucharest looks really fascinating, A lot of effort was invested even in the tiniest details 
    I am tempted to go when I have opportunity, However I've heard from some friends of mine that theft is a major problem of Romania.
    I would like to get from people here some advice of how to prevent theft, what precautions to take?
    Also if somebody here has ever had anything stolen in Romania?

    Well, we had Romanian people guiding us when we went, but yes, theft is a problem in Romania , with gypsies being a major cause (oddly the term they used was Gypsy but not as in Romany gypsies, as we saw them and they were not a problem) . There were lots of homeless kids with puppies who would beg, and if you gave to one, more would come. We were told that the best thing to do was to keep to well populated / lit areas and to not ive any money to any beggars as it would only draw more.

  2. Hi there, i wanted to clarify some things for you guys. About theft in Romania… there’s no reason to get scared or avoid it cause of thieves – you wont get attacked on the street or anything like that. (rare cases of these type of actions … so it’s not a “common practice” if i can say this).

    The rules to avoid getting robbed are the ones that apply pretty much everywhere: be careful with your belongings, don’t let things unattended etc.

    Getting back on subject… there’s more to see in Bucharest than the Palace of the Parliament like museums  (a superb place to spend few hours is the Museum of the Romanian Peasant – besides the exhibits sometimes there are different events taking place there: like movie festivals, theater acts etc), the old town center – a place full of bars, restaurants where you can hang out. Also Bucharest has a pretty nice nightlife.
    I also recommend you to visit Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara if you come to Romania.

    As for accommodation prices: hostels start from 50-60 Lei (that’s around 12-15 Euro’s) while hotels start from (30 Euro’s – depends where you’re booking from) – i’d recommend you to stay away from the 2 stars hotels in Bucharest – better go for a hostel instead.

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