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weight:bold;”>Rocket Spanish

Easy and fun!

I’ve tried many different courses during the last few years to try to learn Spanish and none of them have been as easy or effective as the Rocket Spanish online course.
It’s great value for money and even more importantly, it’s actually fun!

When you weight:bold;”>purchase the course, you get your own login and password (which you can customize) so it’s very convenient; you can learn anywhere, anytime you’re online. Also, every bit of the course’s material is printer friendly so you don’t even have to be online to learn, just print off your lessons before hand, or after completing the to revise at another time.

Rocket Spanish is not only an excellent eBook, the course includes unlimited access to the website with a helpful online blog, games, a ‘motivation’ section which gives you advice on how to stay motivated and learn to the best of your potential, as well as many more useful features.

Now that I’ve completed the course, I can speak Spanish with confidence and am motivated to continue my studies of this language through the extra materials that are available to purchase from Rocket Spanish.

Listen and learn the correct pronunciation..

Whether you’re an auditory or a visual learner, or a bit of both, you’ll find that the Rocket Spanish lessons work for you.weight:bold;”>The lessons consist of 65 approximately 20 minute long audio clips and the content of the clips is easily viewable in Spanish and in English.

When you learn from a book only, you cannot learn pronunciation as easily. You have to rely on the written pronunciation guides but these do not convey the subtleties that you will learn when you listen to the words pronounced properly.

The structure of the lesson is generally a conversation between two people, weight:bold;”>Mauricio and Amy. Then each phrase is studied one by one. Mauricio or Amy will explain the meaning and often elaborate, giving some related background information regarding Spanish/Latin American culture or some information about the rule of grammar being used. For example in the greeting section, Amy explains how when people meet in Spain and Latin America they will kiss each other on the cheek and this is an innocuous as shaking hands for North Americans.

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