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My wife an I are going to Rio 9/9 thru 9/15 what places do you recommend dinning parting etc,

We will be staying in Impenma

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  1. Hey Spike,
    I guess you ment Ipanema and not Impenma
    There are so many places to party in Rio, that?s why I find your question, hard to answer….
    Rio's has an active clubber circuit. If you love to dance the night away, you will not run out of options
    By the way, most of the great parties are in Copacabana and not in Ipanema, so if you still have time to change palce, and you like to party, I suggest staying in Copacaban  

    Carioca da Gema
    Rua Mem de S?, 79 (Lapa)
    Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Carioca da Gema is one of my favorites bars and restraunts in Lapa. It?s one of the most authentic place where you can get the true Bossa vibe.
    People will all be dancing Samba here; yet you?ll be able to grab a bite when you are early.
    I especially love it and recommend it because the place is full of locals; in contrast with other places that are full of tourists, in my opinion when you wanna party in new town, you wanna party with locals, not tourists. !

    Melt Club Leblon
    47 Rua Rita Ludolf, Leblon

    If you like fancy and expensive places, … in Melt you find a lounge where models meat their admirers in a lounge with candles.  Expensive drinks, colorful cocktails.  On the 1st floor there is a, quite small for the number of people, dance floor.

    The restaurant and bar are very popular with the ?high class? people.  The place is inspired by New York lounge bars: very dark, very relaxed, many sofas,?  The music mixes samba with techno, hip-hop and funk.  An ideal place to hook up with a Perua from Leblon (oh sorry I forgot you are married ja ja…), although having one will already help you getting through the long lines in the first place.

    Fosfobox Club
    Rua Siqueira Campos, 143 (subsoil)
    tel: 2548-7498.

    The best day to go to Fosfobox is Thursday
    The Fosfobox is a new electronic club in Copacabana and there are already lots of enthusiasts buzzing around the club. If you are familiar with local celebrities you will be glad to know that Cabbet Araujo creates the evening program (he also worked in Bunker 94 and Lady of Iron).

    The night usually starts just outside the Fosfobox, where there are two bars. One is more fancy, where you buy drinks in many colours, the other is a simple boteque which sell cheap beers.

    Many Brazilians gather to talk and get in the right mood before entering. There is also entertainment in the angry neighbours throwing water and other smelly liquids at unfortunate victims below their windows.

    The secret rule is to stay well below the roof at the building and never stay far out on the sidewalk!

    The club itself is hidden, without any signs, located in the subsoil under a gallery of antiques. This induces a feeling of underground music. This is partially true and the visitors are usually savvy with the inner knowledge of electronic music. The House will be shaken all night long with rock, electric, house and different projects of live artists.

    Fosfobox has around 150 people each night not too big, but not too small either. Sofas are strategically located in places where you can talk to each other and have a drink. The air conditioner is very powerful and it works perfectly.  

    Bunker 94
    Rua Raul Pompeia, 94,
    Rio de Janeiro

    The Bunker 94 is opened each day from 11pm to the morning.  The cost is BRL 15.
    At that time the door will open revealing its three rooms with two dance floors.  Each of the dance floors will play different music so you never get bored. Preventing boredom is also done with the big-screen TV within the lounge which is perfect for resting. It doesn?t here as you even can get some sleep there literally if you need total rest since they have a very large bed there.

    You will be able to hear and dance on the rhythms that you won?t have time to get bored off since there is another type of music played every day. The music varies from the 80s rock and roll to pop-rock and soul music. Drum?n?bass and electronic music have their own special place within this club and you will enjoy some of the finest songs here. Usually these sounds will be combined with techno and trance creating euphoric atmosphere easy. The red lights sure do the trick and give the impression of an unreal place.

    And if you like to Dance Salsa….
    Mariuzinn club
    Rua Raul Pomp?ia, 102,

    Mariuzinn is lighten up with lamp light and comfy benches are well positioned to give you a good view on the dance ring. The colour theme is of red to brown wood.
    At Mariuzinn you can spend special moments filled with the rhythms of salsa music. If you are a hard core dancer you will find here lots experienced male and female salsa lovers. They will love to dance to you and almost for sure you won?t be turned down when asking. Unfortunately the dancing ring is not very big and after 1am the place will get really crowded with people. This place requires a neat look, so don?t be too fancy but clean and cool with your clothing style. Be sure not to wear uncomfortable cloths as you will want to dance all night.

    The Help Club
    Av. Atl?ntica 3432

    The Help Club becomes well known as the biggest or hotter club in South America. This is true since the club was opened two decades away. Here you will get a flashy atmosphere with bouncy music that will make you dance wild. Located right on Copacabana !

    One thing to know about this club: it?s full of young beautiful people from Rio and from around the world looking for dance, drink and party. The music played is a mixture of salsa, samba, trance, hip-hop, pop and rock skilfully chosen by well known DJ?s from Europe and South America. In the late years this place becomes known also for the presence of many prostitutes. So if you are getting along very well with an unknown woman that looks too luscious try to assure yourself of her background  

    The Help Club is usually full of girls (five to one man, sometimes more) so chances to meet someone if you are a lonely man are high  . If you are a woman you will surely find some lonely handsome men around but expect competition. You can get drinks for about 3$ (prices range from 2.6$ to 6.6$) and be ready to party. Take a serious amount of sleep before hitting on this club as you might get busy afterwards.  

    Another good places to party I suggest you to try if you have time are
    Baronetti, Cristal Lounge in Ipanema (where you staying), Melt, in Leblon,  Sky Lounge in Lagoa, and 00 (Zero Zero) in Gavea.

    The area around Lapa is now very popular, with clubs like Rio Scenarium. Many rave parties happen in Centro, too. The piers, an old train station, warehouses, and a movie theater of the turn of the century have already been the setting of unforgettable parties. Fundi??o Progresso is where mega-parties usually happen, attracting as many as 5,000!

    In Barra, large clubs like the Hard Rock Cafe are located in or next to the big malls. Av. Armando Lombardi is known as Baixo Barra due to the concentration of night clubs. Nuth Lounge since its opening gathers a lot of beautiful people, and some of the best DJ`s. Bombar and Guapo Loco with their branches in Barra are also guaranteed fun alternatives. Circuit parties sometimes happen in locations off-Barra like Vargem Grande.

    Here is a list of Good clubs, I have in my Guide,
    However I haven?t checked them all out, the ones I checked, Is the once I described above,
    if anyone have something to say about a specific club in the list, he is more than welcome.
    By the way the first 7 are in you area of Ipanema.

    01. Baronetti Ipanema Rua Bar?o da Torre, 354 2522-1460
    02. Cristal Lounge Ipanema Rua Bar?o da Torre, 334 2247-8220
    03. Dama de Ferro Ipanema Rua Vin?cius de Morais, 288 2247-2330
    04. Galeria Caf? Ipanema Rua Teixeira de Melo, 31 2523-8250
    05. Lounge 69 Ipanema Rua Farme de Amoedo, 50 3813-5751
    06. Mistura Fina Ipanema Av. Rainha Elizabeth, 769 2523-1703
    07. Spazio Ipanema Rua Paul Redfern, 36 2540-0842

    08. Guapo Loco Leblon Rua Rainha Guilhermina, 48 2495-2995
    09. Melt Leblon Rua Rita Ludolf, 47 2249-9309
    10. The House Leblon Rua General San Martin, 1011 2249-2161

    11. Bunker Copa Rua Raul Pomp?ia, 94 2521-0367
    12. Fosfobox Copa Rua Siqueira Campos, 143/22A 2548-7498
    13. Help Copa Av. Atl?ntica, 3432 2513-4993
    14. La Girl (lesbian) Copa Rua Raul Pomp?ia, 102 2247-8342
    15. Le Boy (gay) Copa Rua Raul Pomp?ia, 102 2513-4993
    16. Mariuzinn Copa Av. Copacabana, 435 2545-7672
    17. Mutante Copa Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 16 2295-0605
    18. The Copa Copa Rua Aires Saldanha, 13A 2256-7411

    19. 00 (Zero Zero) G?vea Av. Padre Leonel Franca, 240 2540-8041
    20. P?tio Lounge G?vea Pra?a Santos Dumont, 31 2274-1444
    21. Sitio Lounge G?vea Rua Marques de S?o Vicente,10 2274-2226

    22. Sky Lounge Lagoa Av. Borges de Medeiros, 1426 2108-3934

    23. Bukowski Botafogo Rua Paulino Fernandes, 7 2226-0423
    24. Casa da Matriz Botafogo Rua Henrique Novaes, 107 2266-1014
    25. Pista 3 Botafogo Rua Sao Joao Batista, 14 2266-1014
    26. Jump Club Botafogo Rua Visconde Silva, 22 9755-3203

    27. Espa?o Marun Flamengo Rua do Catete, 124 2558-3431

    28. Casa Rosa Laranjeiras Rua Alice, 550 9363-4645
    29. Cine Buraco Laranjeiras Rua das Laranjeiras, 336/39 2205-8638
    30. Hide Away Laranjeiras Rua das Laranjeiras, 308 2285-0921

    31. Buraco da Lacraia Downtown Rua Andre Cavalcante, 58 2242-0446
    32. Cine Iris Downtown Rua da Carioca, 51 2262-1729
    33. Cine Lapa Downtown Av. Mem de S?, 23 2539-0216
    34. Club Six Downtown Rua das Marrecas, 38 9814-0444
    35. Dito & Feito Downtown Rua do Mercado, 21 2509-1407
    36. Passeio P?blico Downtown Av. Rio Branco, 277 2220-1298

    37. Carioca da Gema Lapa Av. Mem de S?, 79 2221-0043
    38. Fundi??o Progresso Lapa Rua dos Arcos, 24 2220-5070
    39. Rio Scenarium Lapa Rua do Lavradio, 20 3147-9000
    40. Teatro Odisseia Lapa Av. Mem de S?, 66 2224-6367

    41. Bombar Barra Av. Armando Lombardi, 601 2187-1300

    42. Hard Rock Cafe Barra Av. das Am?ricas, 700 2132-8000
    43. Nuth Lounge Barra Av. Armando Lombardi, 999 3153-8595
    44. S?o Thom? Barra Av. das Am?ricas, 7.907 bl C 2431-1176
    HardRock Caf? Barra Av. das Am?ricas, 700 2132-8000

    Palaphita Kitch Lagoa Av. Epit?cio Pessoa, box 20 2227-0837

  2. Rio is my dream destination. I am planning a trip to rio but due to some obstacles i cant. I have friends called chris we had good time in VEgas but later could not contact her. I will surely visit Rio once.  tokeep

  3. Hi Spike! I think Simba gave a completed answer!

    I was in Rio this year and recommend! A good “bezoo” is a travell agency call Rio Experience Tours.

    You can buy tickets online in advanced. In the day, they pick up you in the hotel with a tour guide and takes to a sightseeing. It’s pretty safe!

    Google it! I recommend!


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