Riga To Prague By Bus


The Riga Town Hall Square is the most famous square in Riga on which stands the palace of the Blackheads. Completely rebuilt, the restoration is another thing; however, it has not lost the majesty and originality that characterized it. Overlooking the square are a couple of nice cafes and where you can find the best street artists.

Riga To Prague By Bus


The area of the castle Hradcany is located just outside the most central part of Prague City just behind the Malá Strana. The castle is fascinating and definitely worth a visit or even just for a walk. If the weather is nice you can go down until you get to the middle of the Lesser Town, maybe stopping at one of the kiosks / bar for a beer.

Here are the available modes of transport from Riga to Prague.

Riga To Prague By Bus

The distance between Riga to Prague is 1235 km. There are two bus rides you need to complete when travelling from Riga to Prague. First, you need to take the Eurolines DE bus that will take you to Berlin. From Berlin, you need to take the BerlinLinein bus bound to Prague. The travel time is 26 hours and 29 minutes. The one way ticket will cost around US$115 to US$135.

Riga To Prague By Bus

Driving your car from Riga to Prague is another practical option; the travel time is 16 hours and 47 minutes.

Riga To Prague by Train

If taking the railway transport service, you must first take an Ecolines bus from Riga to Dresden. From Dresden, you need to board the German Railways DB (Line Eurocity) that will bring you to the city of Prague. The travel time is 24 hours and 31 minutes. The cost of train ticket is US$25. To know more, visit: http://www.deutschebahn.com/en/start.html

Riga To Prague by Air

There are five airlines that provide the daily flight route from Riga to Prague. The travel time is two hours and ten minutes. The airline ticket may cost from US$140 to US$250. To get the details, visit: http://www.oagaviation.com/

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