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I've been asked a lot what kind of Visas you can get when visiting or living in the states …
There are many forms of non-immigrant visa to the U.S.A, and among them the visitor or tourist visa is a one. The B category visa is mainly meant for those who intend to immigrate to the US temporarily on grounds of business, travel, medical treatment, and others. There are however a few formal requirements in tourist visa to USA  and for details please read the following:

Here are the basic conditions for applying for tourist visa (B 1 for business purposes and B 2 for pleasure or medical treatment purposes) are:

    * The purpose of the trip to the US is purely for pleasure
    * The applicants plan to remain for a specific, limited period
    * The applicants have a residence outside the US as well as other binding ties which will ensure their return at the end of the visit.

Documents required for obtaining the B1 Visa include:

?  Visa application on Optional Form 156

?  Invitation letter from US company with which the applicant is going to engage in business transactions

?  Letter from the applicant's employer company in the home country

?  Contracts or bills on recent exports and imports

?  Incorporation documents and business license

?  Tax statements for last three years

Documents required for obtaining the B2 Visa include:

?  Documents from Sponsor:

                o Letter from Sponsor
                o Passport and VISA copies
                o H1B approval copy or Green Card copy
                o Letter from employer
                o A notarized affidavit of support ( Form – I-134 )
                o Recent Bank Statement
                o Previous Year Tax return copies

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?  Documents from Visitor

    * VISA request letter – (Sample Letter)
    * VISA application form. – ( Form DS-156 )
    * Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application ( DS-157 ).
    * Passport
    * Two photographs (1 and 1/2 inches square) for each applicant
    * In cast the applicant is working, copy of his/her employment letter / leave approval letter
    * Recent Bank Statement
    * Property documents or Property estimation letter from your auditor
    * VISA fees
    * Medical Insurance

Hopefully you fulfill all the requirements in

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