Recommendations for Santiago Chile

Hi folks,

Im new to this site. Im leaving for South America next week, starting with a few days in santiago. Are there any must do’s if you only have a few days.

If your not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!

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2 thoughts on “Recommendations for Santiago Chile”

  1. You need just a day for know Vina Mar and Valparaiso.

    My husband and I made adjustments for our trips with they are high recommended and not request money in advance.

    In our transfer from Santiago to Valparaiso, we visited a vineyard and the main demonstrations of Vina Mar and Valparaiso. we think that it was sufficient. Definitively you have many more to see in Santiago, like the Vineyards, you must do tour by the city because, is great, interesting and cosmopolitan, with an old sector with beautiful buildings and other modern very clean and calm. In downtown there are two hills, in which you can see the city from the heights, there is a Central Market with good restaurants of seafood, a deserving place to know.

    I recommend taking the train (or cable car) up the Cerro San Christobal in Santiago

    We also took a great half day tour that stopped at a castle on top of a hill with a great view of the city. It also stopped at the main square and also at the political offices.

    Beside the typical places and the mountain, you should go to eat in one of the “Bares de Piernas” (Legs Bar) that are all over Santiago!

    Have a pleasunt TRIP !

  2. What up Lee,
    I really urge you to go to el pueblo de los Dominocos, it is a small village, in the area of Las Condes (A really rich and fancy houses can be found in this area).
    Apart from las condes which is really nice area, what is special about this village, is that you have there a market place.
    But it is not a common market which you can see all over south america, the special think about this market, is that it is set up as a small village, every store is like made of nice wood, and it is pretty big, you can walk between the stores and find nice arts, and special things I have never seen before.
    Among the handicrafs, I could also find some nice statues made from maches, like tiny little disney images, or famous cartoons made from matches, that was incredible. It is the best market I have ever seen. Generally you see in each market the same handicraft but this one will leave you shocked !

    Another thing you can do is go to parque Ara?cho,  A nice park in las condes area.
    You can also go to Cerro Santa Lucia, to observe the smoke of Santiago from above, or to cerro san cristobal, which is even higher.

    Have fun,
    Racer in the race of Travel  v:)


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