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Always pre-book your airport parking this will ensure a saving on your holiday costs

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  1. Everyone needs a vacation and some time to get away from it all.  However, with an economic recession, high unemployment, and people struggling financially, vacations and travel plans may not be a big priority.Here some tips…….

    Research your trip – As the vacation draws closer, begin to plan a few months in advance.  Where do you want to stay?  When do you want to leave (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday have the cheapest airfares)?  Choose a budget option for hotels to save money.  Look for package deals.  Travel offseason.  Know when to buy your airfares (Tuesday afternoons have the best deals).  Know when peak travel days are.

    Create a budget for your trip – Just like home, plan a budget for your trip.  Decide how much you want to spend each day on meals, sights, souvenirs, and plan in advance.  You might save money by eating picnic lunches from food at the grocery store rather than eating at a restaurant.  Budgeting your trip lets you save money before you even leave.

    Sign up for Twitter and on social media sites – Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great at finding deals.  Some airlines have even announced airfare sales on Twitter only.  Connecting with others on Twitter and Facebook can help you plan your trip as well – saving you money.

    Plan and track your trip online – If you want to put together an itinerary online, you can do that.  If you want to track prices of flights and hotels after you book, you can do that as well.  Follow these tips on how to get money back when you travel.

    Packing for your trip – Packing light can be a great way to save on airline fees.  If you’re traveling by car, fewer bags mean better gas mileage.
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    Avoid eating in restaurants, if you really want a hot meal, eat at a fast food restaurant otherwise buy your groceries at the supermarket.

    Buy bread and tuna or other condiments at the supermarket for lunch.

    Avoid buying small water bottles, you can buy bigger and cheaper sizes like 1,5l and 2l at the supermarket.


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