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Portomaggiore’s Delizia Estense del Verginese is a piece of history in the middle of the picturesque countryside of the city. Of great impact is the external view, with the addition of the historic garden recreated and just beyond the dovecote tower. Inside, you can find along with a video room, a room with the reconstruction of the history of Delizia. Upstairs there are several rooms that feature a permanent exhibition of modelling that recreates the rural area and several temporary exhibitions.

Portomaggiore To Bari By Train


The Basilica of San Nicola houses the bones of the patron saint of the city of Bari. The basilica is the only church, at least in Italy, to celebrate two cults, the Christian / Catholic and Christian / Orthodox. The two rites are celebrated on two different levels.

Here are the available modes of transport from Portomaggiore to Bari.

Portomaggiore To Bari By Train

There are two train rides to complete to reach the city of Bari from Portomaggiore. First, take the TPER (Line 1) from Portomaggiore that is bound to Bologna Centrale. From Bologna, take the Trenitalia Eurostar that is bound to Bari Centrale. The entire journey lasts for seven hours and 28 minutes. The one way train fare ranges from US$83 to US$103. To get all the details, check:

Portomaggiore To Bari By Train

Portomaggiore To Bari By Bus

The distance from Portomaggiore to Bari is 675 km. If you’re taking the Line 356 bus route, take the TPER (Line342) from Portomaggiore to Ferrara. From Ferrara, take the TPER (Line 356) to Bologna. From Bologna, take the SENA bus to Foggia. From Foggia, take the SENA bus that is bound to Bari. The total journey is 14 hours. The total cost of the one way fare is US$57.

Driving your car is another travel option; the travel time is seven hours.

Portomaggiore To Bari By Plane

Travelling by plane begins from the city of Bologna via Ryanair; the travel time is one hour and 15 minutes. The one way plane ticket costs US$140. To get all the details, visit this site:

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