Places To Visit With Tours To Israel

Israel has its share of controversies, but there is no discounting the fact that it is one of the places that you should see and visit. But why? There are many reasons on why you should join one of the tours to Israel and one of them is the opportunity to see the historical and biblical Old City of Jerusalem. Walking down the streets of this biblical city will treat to an array of wonderful sites like the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, and the Church if the Holy Sepulchre. You can see all of this, and more, if you take an Israel private tour guide.

Things To Do When Joining Tours To Israel

Another interesting place to visit and must-try is the Dead Sea. A dip in the mineral rich sea is like having a spa treat that you can enjoy for hours end. Israel also has a list of breathtaking natural wonders like the Eilat; it is where you will see fascinating coral reefs and other rich marine biodiversity.

Your tours to Israel surely

won’t be complete without visiting The Carmel market. Located in central Tel Aviv, the market offers a wide range of local wares and curiosities to bring home. You can feast your eyes to the colorful spices and breathe in the aroma of the local delicacies.

Yad Vashem, however, is a memorial to the six million Jewish who perished from the Holocaust. It may be a bit depressing but the memorial, located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, is an important site that records, archives and houses a vast collection and resources about the Holocaust. You should let your Israel private tour guide know you want to visit this place.

Israel Private Tour Guide Can Enrich Your Vacation

Apart from visiting popular tourist destinations, other things that must try wheweight:normal;”>n you join tours to Israel is to taste its local delicacies. Try the Borekas, a pastry filled with cheese and vegetables paired with a lunch or dinner staple hummus and different cuisines made from chicken or lamb. Or course, a meal won’t be complete without a shawarma and pita bread. For desserts, enjoy a slice of baklava or a plate of crepes.

After filling your tummy, your Israel tour guide can show you the local market so you can feast your eyes on the colorful spices and local wares. While exploring the market, spend time to talk to the locals, know their local culture and perhaps learn a word or two.

If you want to know about Israel’s history and archeological finds, visit the excavation of the Tower of David inside a Kishle or a prison that was built by the Ottomans some eras ago. You can also visit the Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center, which houses Israel’s most recent history like the life of Yitzhak Rabin, former Prime Minister, Defense Minister and former Chief of Staff.

Israel private tour guide will recommend

you a laid back night in Jaffa flea market for some serious arts and craft shopping. Jaffa flea market Is also a good place to unwind, drink coffee or tea, and bond with your travel companion if you are joiniweight:normal;”>ng tours to Israel. It is also a nice place to meet Israelis, talk to them and befriend.

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