Banks, ATMs, Traveler’s Checks & Money


How To  Avoid fees ? Plan on traveling in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and am wondering if anyone can make recommendations about money fees. Of course I will be carrying traveler's checks, however I know that when these run out I'll need to visit a bank. Some banks seems to charge a … Read more

The Best Way To Travel – Your Opinion


Hi.I have been traveling alone in south america for a year, staying in hostels.I voted this option to be the best, that worked good for me, I met a whole lot of interesting people and had a lot of fun.Traveling with friends in hostels, can be fun too, although you do not gonna meet as … Read more

Punta Del Este, The Best Beach Resort In South America


< h2>Why Travel to Punta Del Este ? Punta del Este, is internationally known, as the most important and exclusive resort of South America, apart from being one of the most beautiful and famous cities for the so many famous people from the international jet set who visit it.   Summer resort, natural and sophisticated, … Read more

Five Fun Things To Do In Barcelona


Barcelona is richly blessed with cultural attractions, bars, and mouth watering Catalan cuisine that cannot be found in any part of Spain. You are going to love the lined up tourist activities that Barcelona has spread out for you to enjoy. There are so many places for you to see and activities are in abundance … Read more

Scuba Diving In Goa


If you are curious to know about underwater life, then you must go for scuba diving. Various islands in Goa offer you a chance to explore a magical world underwater. When you go for Scuba diving in Goa, you get across a plethora of fishes, turtles, dolphins, colorful corals, and many other creatures. Scuba diving … Read more

Mustang Nepal

zocallo by night 1

Mustang is one of the districts of Nepal. It is divided into two regions as lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Upper Mustang is a fragile land in substitute of Tibet. Bare land escapes with many wind passes and cultivated lands, Many traditional villages based on Tibetan culture and more than 15 Buddhist Monasteries and scenic … Read more

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