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After a year of our wedding, we decided to explore a secluded Island and enjoy some outdoor activities and private moments together. My husband kept searching for a location and asked if we could go to Cape Verde. I looked at the images of Cape Verde in the search engine and was completely taken aback by its beauty and a range of activities it offers. I really wanted to experience what all it showed with my own eyes, so we decided on the Cape Verde!

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

Cape Verde is located at the coast of West Africa and is now been flocked by many travellers from across the world due to its secluded and unknown tropical beauty. Me and my husband both have the adventurous spirit and as per the research over the internet, Cape Verde offers many opportunities to delight your adventurous soul with the numerous options it offers when it comes to water sport activities.

We landed at the airport and straightaway went to the hotel to freshen up. Our hotel was very close the island Sal, which is a hub of the water sports activities. We relaxed for a while and our adventurous spirits called us to move out and enjoy the Sun, Sand, beach and water.

Our first day started off with windsurfing, as Sal is very popular for windsurfing having perfect wind for surfing. For windsurfing we went to Santa Maria which is located at the southern part of Sal, having a 4 km of long sandy beaches. Since my husband had done it before, and I was the beginner we, were told that this is the best area for beginners and intermediates for windsurfing. We did the windsurfing for almost three hours effortlessly in the perfect light winds.

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

We came back and ate to satiate our hunger and headed towards the Ponta Preta on the Island Sal. Well, I am scared of surfing, so I had let my husband do the surfing. I was surprised by the beach and the travellers coming from all over the world to enjoy the surfing experience at the Ponta Preta. According to my husband, Ponta Preta is perfect for surfing as the waves start at 5 to 6 feet and hold to more than 30 feet. Ponta preta is actually a great spot for surfers as I saw so many families doing surfing and enjoying the experience.

That was enough for the first day and we relaxed by the beach in the evening over drinks, had some authentic food and headed back to our hotel, completely relaxed, and refreshed.

The next morning we knew what we had to do the entire day. The second day we wanted to go for Scuba diving.

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

We first started off with the scuba diving. Sal is perfect for scuba diving as it offers warm and clear waters, surrounded by the coral reefs for the travellers to see a variety of fishes including eels, sharks, angel fish, rays, and parrot fish. We both wanted to explore and enjoy the diverse blend of Mediterranean and tropical marine life by diving deep down into the waters of Cape Verde. We dived in and surprised to discover so many fish, the wrecks and also whales. Since, we visited the place in August, we spotted whale sharks, and spotting mantas along with many turtles due to their breeding season. It was indeed a fascinating experience for us.

After diving and enjoying the marine life, we boarded a sailing boat for a half day excursion to enjoy the island’s southwest shoreline. We left the Pier in Santa Maria and sailed all along the North western part of the island that gave us a chance to enjoy the beauty of Lion mountain, oasis of Fontana, and then we reached the beautiful bay of Murdeira where we got down for a swim, and had the perfect grilled fish to delight our all senses.

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

The third day, we decided to go for fishing and enjoy some private moments together and talk about our life together over fishing. We went for a four hour fishing trip in the morning and believe me with were able to catch a fish of over 40 lb. That was so exciting and the best thing in the entire trip. The four hours passed by and our fishing time came to an end.

In the afternoon, we wanted to go and do Jet skiing. We booked a Jet ski trip through Zebrajet at Sal, we first did the jet ski together, enjoyed the adrenaline rush as we did for almost two hours.

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

We had heard a lot about quad biking and we wanted to experience the entire Cape Verde landscape riding the quad bikes. We took a local guide and hired two quad bikes. This was a 4 hour excursion and we head started with our first quad biking experience. With the help and guidance of our local guide, we could know the lesser known facts of Sal and Cape Verde. Driving the quad bikes itself was a great fun. We clicked pictures of the stunning panoramic views of the beaches, sand, and water. We also spotted turtle nesting grounds and clicked pictures with them.

We spent the later half doing kite surfing. Sal is a very popular for kite surfing due to the winds and its position. 5 minutes from the Santa Maria on Sal, there is a kite beach called as Salinas. Beach is perfect for people like us-beginners, which offers no dangerous currents. Beach is big, offering enough space for kitersurfers. We did kite surfing and enjoyed every bit of it.

Tired and exhausted, we relaxed at the beach, got ourselves tanned completely, and came back to the hotel.

We had really enjoyed a lot in three days and two more days to go in our kitty, we did not want to restrict ourselves to just water sports or adventure activities.

The next day we wanted to spend in simply sightseeing. So, we first headed towards the very famous attraction of Sal, Pedra de Lume, located at the eastern side of Sal. It is a village, which is famous for salt mines and a hub for salt workers. It is surely an impressive place that has salt lakes in the volcano crater that can be accessed through a tunnel. At the corners of the village, there is a long line of wooden mine workings. We spent an hour here enjoying the sights and wonders.

Our perfect holidays to Cape Verde

The next few hours we spent in shopping for the souvenirs to take back home as memories. We went to the market of Santa Maria, a famous market for tourists. The market is a hub for shops of paintings, wood carvings, batiks, African Masks, bracelets, bongos, food and lots more. Bargaining was easy, so we bought a lot of stuff for the people back at home. Even though the market is expensive due to its popularity, it does offer a lot of good range of goods for you to spoil your shopping spirit. We bought a variety of stuff for ourselves and for the folks back at home.

Completely rejuvenated, refreshed, and delighted to have experienced the best till date, we headed back to the airport with numerous memories to be cherished forever. From the day one till now, Cape Verde is on my mind.

If you are like us and want to enjoy great waters, food, activities, and weather, plan your next vacation to Cape Verde!

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